how much do fitness models weighThought of the day: (actually thought of my workout)… In my line of work I see/hear so many beautiful women going through their lives hating their bodies, being constantly frustrated with how they look, and struggling to “arrive” at what they feel is ideal.

I feel very fortunate to have figured out a fitness/nutrition/mental attitude that has freed me from obsessing over body image, the scale, and food.

I can remember when food consumed 99% of my headspace. What I came to realize was that my lack of fulfillment in other areas of my life were leading me to obsess over the one thing I had more control of… Food. 

Food was also a disproportionately large source of pleasure for me because I was suffering in other areas of my life.

One of my goals with my coaching clients and my message overall is to help people to get past the food and body image hang ups, enjoy the amazing things in our lives while we can, and to live more fully.

A big turning point for me was to work with several people who had debilitating conditions but they still kept going… So my feeling sorry for myself because I was 20 pounds over where I wanted to be was just plain silly compared to my cubicle mate who had to wear braces due to her crippling MS symptoms.

If you find yourself in this rut of self pity, take a tour of the oncology floor of a children’s hospital… You have so much to be grateful for and sometimes we need a self-imposed reminder.

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How will you spend your 2015? Make this your best year yet.

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