Skfitlife… We’ve moved!

I’ve written about how the universe has a funny way of giving you exactly what you need and this move across the country is no exception.

Some of you may have noticed from social media that Stephen and I recently moved from the lovely city we first met in, Charleston, to the lovely city of San Diego.

I attribute it all to the Law of Attraction. And of course the Law of, “When the Coast Guard tells you to move, you do it.”

I originally wanted to go to college in San Diego, but thought it would be way too expensive since I was paying for school 100% on my own.

Then, a few years later I joined the US Navy when female nuclear engineers could only be stationed in Virginia, Seattle, or… you guessed it. San Diego.

Swing and a second miss… I ended up in Seattle.

So, here we are. Almost 15 years later, and I finally got my wish. Albeit quite a surprise when Stephen ended up with last minute orders.

We’ve been here a couple weeks and we are starting to get settled a bit. Well, not living in a hotel is a start. Not nearly as glamorous as it sounds.

Lucky for me, my coaching programs are virtual so I can do my job from anywhere in the world without having to leave my clients behind. They just get the added benefit of different background scenery for accountability photos in our members-only group.

So, business as usual now that we finally have our Internet connected! New Stop Chasing Skinny Podcast episodes will be starting up again and lots of exciting things happening over at including some in-person San Diego obstacle course training opportunities as well as some SKFitLife-style in-person training opportunities. More info to come!

I’m still in graduate school through the University of Florida and set to graduate next year.

If I’m not working online, training clients in person, or studying, you can probably find me on the top of some mountain somewhere with my paht-na in all things fitness and life.

San Diego Fitness