Improved Ability to Delay Gratification Through Fitness

This is something to think about as you get dressed in your workout gear each day… What you are doing NOW is what will show up in the future.

One of my favorite and most challenging aspects of coaching fitness looks like this:

FAVORITE: Your results are YOURS… you earned them. You can’t outsource fitness… you can outsource just about everything else in life. Even have someone else carry your baby! But you simply cannot outsource what it takes to have a fit body. So take pride in that… the work you do in your training and your nutrition is yours.

MOST CHALLENGING: In this day and age of instant gratification, we have literally been rewiring our brains and losing our abilities to delay gratification. We have also been fed these marketing messages of, “lose 20 pounds in a month,” which further distorts our sense of reality.

success quote

Congratulations on taking the necessary steps to reach your goals.

Another common mistake I see on a regular basis is complaining and talking about frustrations without taking action; as if talking about them more is going to change the laws of physics, biology, and all other forces which have been in place since the beginning of time.

It’s totally normal to feel frustration. Frustration is an emotional symptom of “something isn’t right… something needs to change.” Just like a headache is the body’s way of telling us, “something isn’t right… something needs to change.”

If you are feeling frustrated, identify the source and make the necessary changes to alleviate the emotional pain of frustration. Back to that instant gratification thing… we have been “trained” to pop and Advil.

And full circle back to Happy Summer Abs…