best online training program“Better health” doesn’t SOUND nearly as sexy as it actually is… no matter how you slice it, the outside is a direct reflection of the inside.

Changing your thinking from: “Will this food make me skinny or fat?”

To: “This good fat (avocado/salmon/coconut oil) will make my hair shiny, skin supple, brain function on a higher level, etc… this sweet potato rocks because it has great energy and look at all of that color (color=nutrients)… this protein will act as building blocks to help repair the muscles I just caused micro tears in during my workout.”

THIS is the kind of thinking that will get you the results you are seeking.

It literally makes me cringe when I hear/see/read, “eat less, move more”… If you ask me, this is over simplified and actually quite damaging to a good chunk of the population.

This way of thinking can lead to malnourished, hungry, tired people trudging along for hours on pieces of cardio equipment. I know because I have been there… there is no better formula for falling off track, craving/consuming large quantities of carbs, and getting stuck in the rut of, “my will-power must just suck.”

Over-dieting => malnourishment => cravings

Exhaustion (due to lack of nutrition or lack of sleep) => cravings

Excessive cardio => the body’s response of “better prepare for this long journey again tomorrow” => cravings

Don’t fall for the trap… change the game… work smarter… finally reach your goals and SUSTAIN THEM! I can’t say this enough… “Life begins when you stop chasing skinny.”