It’s never been more simple!!!SKFitLife Guest Blog Post

We’ve upgraded our technology to include a SUPER simple Guest Post Submission form.

We’ve featured guests from time to time, but to be honest the process of receiving the post, uploading the content, formatting, etc. took too much time.

Since we love automating and simplifying, we looked into options for a simple submission and found one!

Why Submit?

Founder (and ultimate approver of guest blog post), Stephanie Keenan is passionate about sharing QUALITY content, and her newest campaign is educating people on #medialiteracy.

If you are like us, you are tired of the mis-education mainstream media has heaved upon us. You are also excited for an opportunity to share your story, your actionable information, and your breakdown of seemingly complex “diet rules”.

The SKFitLife community is thriving and growing more and more each and every day.

Each guest blog post will have the opportunity to be featured on the SKFitLife website, in the SKFitLife email list, and on the SKFitLife social media channels:








SKFitLife is also a top-performer on the AtContent blog sharing network. What does this mean for you? This means your post has the potential for reaching an even wider audience.

How to Submit:

Step 1: Read the guidelines.

Step 2: Use the simple upload form to submit your guest post, please include your bio and a picture of yourself (optional) as part of your submission.

Step 3: Watch for your confirmation email with your publish date.

Click here to access Submission Guidelines and Submission Form:

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