First of all, I have to tell you THANK YOU! SKFitLife is celebrating 5 years in business this month! Can you believe it? 50% of businesses don’t make it past this five year mark!

Secondly, I wanted to let you know about the NEW and UPGRADED features being offered in the 12 Week SKFitLife Challenge and the Monthly SKFitGurls membership.

12 Week SKFitLife Challenge: We have taken all the lessons we’ve learned over the course of 5 years and formatted this information into a 12 week course curriculum. In addition to the 12 weeks of weight training, high intensity interval training (HIIT), 30 day meal guide with linked recipes, and online coaching support, we also have weekly lessons with the following topics:

☀️ Welcome – Everything you need to get you started on the 12 Week SKFitLife Challenge IMMEDIATELY.
☀️ Week 1 – Nutrition
☀️ Week 2 – Training
☀️ Week 3 – Visualizing Your Success
☀️ Week 4 & 5 – STAYING THE COURSE… Mental Toughness to Keep You Going!
☀️ Week 6 – Rest, Recovery, and Adrenal Health
☀️ Week 7 – Goal Setting Revisited
☀️ Week 8 – Diving DEEPER Into Nutrition
☀️ Week 9 – Can you see the finish line?
☀️ Week 10 – Impacting Lives… Being the Change You Want to See In The World
☀️ Week 11 – Transferring Fitness Success to Life Success
☀️ Week 12 – Finale! What’s Next?

12 Week SKFitLife Challenge clients will also receive a 60 minute phone call with me each month!

Monthly members will also benefit from this monthly call addition. Each member will have the opportunity to participate in a 20 minute monthly consultation.

And finally, our prices are changing as of 11:59pm January 8, 2017. If you’ve been on the fence about joining the 12 Week SKFitLife Challenge or re-joining the SKFitGurls monthly membership, do it before the new rates take effect.

12 Week SKFitLife Challenge $227 Only Until 11:59pm January 8, 2017! Then it goes up to the new rate of $697.

Monthly SKFitGurls Training $57/month Only Until 11:59pm January 8, 2017! Then it goes up to the new rate of $97/month.

Rates will NOT be changing for current members and if you sign up for the 12 Week SKFitLife Challenge before the January 8th deadline, your monthly rates will remain at $54 should you choose to continue on with us after the initial 12 weeks.

As always, if you have any questions about this program, please feel free to sign up for the complimentary phone call available in the “Let’s Chat” box that pops up on the home page:

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