Transformation Rebecca

Hi everyone, my name is Rebecca Thomas; I am a 28 year old married woman with no kids. When I was 18, I started having problems with my weight. The short story is due to un-diagnosed diabetes I gained almost 60 pounds in 1 month, going from 137 to 194. To say the least I was shocked.  After being diagnosed with Diabetes I learned how to eat healthier and eventually lost the weight. Since getting married in 2007 I have slowly put back on a lot of it.

When I started this challenge I weighed 153.8, my goal was to fit back into my wedding dress on my 5 year wedding anniversary. I did not make it. But somewhere along the way, through the motivation and education provided in the SKFitLife Challenge I noticed my mindset changed. I was no longer shooting for a short term goal, it became about a long term change which would result in a healthier me.  After 12 weeks of hard work, I lost 8 inches off my waist (from 40” to 32”). My weight 153.8. No change in weight but a huge change in my body and my mind. Thanks Stephanie!