Transformation Pat

I’m 57 have osteoporosis, belly fat and not motivated to exercise.  I knew I needed to find something to motivate me to make some changes in my life, for my health.  I’ve joined gyms, took classes, watched videos and nothing lasted longer than a couple of weeks.   I entered this challenge thinking “well, if i don’t do it, it’s no big deal, it’s not a big investment”!    I never thought i would be so hooked on this program.  I did slack off here and there but found my way back each time, mainly because of all the tremendous support from Steph and our “FB sisters”.

I’m sooooo happy with my results!  I wasn’t looking to compete for prizes or against anyone but MYSELF.  I learned that I CAN set some goals and follow through.  I am eating cleaner,  my mind is more alert, my posture is straighter, I can see muscles (I never thought I’d get those) and best of all people are noticing the changes!

I am doing SKF2 with plans to be more focused and take myself to the next level.  YAAAY!!

Thank you, Steph for giving me this opportunity to push myself and take charge of my “fitlife”!!!