Transformation Lesley

This was a typical day for me before I joined the SKFitLife:

  • 8 – 10am gym time consisting of 2 cardio classes (Body step, Body combat or attack)
  • 1 fiber 1 bar and water
  • 2 pm –  1 44 oz. diet coke
  • 4 pm when my children come home from school – many Cheese-its
  • 6 pm dinner including many helpings of chicken and potatoes and a little vegetable
  • 7 pm to 11 pm as many snacks as I could find, After all, I didn’t eat much all day!

This was a normal day for me, I thought I was healthy and couldn’t understand why I was overweight. I have been working out since I can remember and have always struggled with my weight. I just kept increasing the amount of time that I spent doing cardio thinking that would be the key to my weight loss.

In November when I started the challenge I did it reluctantly. I had a friend who had much success in an earlier challenge and two other friends from my gym who wanted to participate.  So I was talked into it. I knew it would not work for me. I had tried everything before. How could I lose weight and cut out most of my cardio? It just did not make sense to me.

Lesley SIDEDuring the week prior to the start date I studied the material and questioned my friend who had completed the challenge. I decided I would commit to the challenge just to see what would happen.

I struggled giving up my cardio addiction. My friends and instructors would watch in horror and disbelief as I passed by the main studio where we have group classes. I would close my eyes and keep saying “just keep walking, just keep walking” in my head. I would meet my 2 fellow challengers in the back of the gym to do our strength or hiit for that day. I have finally learned to enjoy these challenging workouts.

Lesley BACKBut the harder addiction to break was my fountain diet coke addiction. The physical and mental symptoms I suffered were painful. But I stopped cold turkey. Eating clean 6 times a day was all new to me. Most of my diet consisted of processed foods. I had to learn what real food tastes like. I have started to enjoy that as well.

Now my diet consists of Ezekiel toast, natural nut butters, protein shakes, too many vegetables to mention, chicken, fish, oatmeal and fruits.

The changes in my body have been huge. 20 pounds lost and over 16 inches. I am thrilled Lesley FRONTwith that but even happier that my family has benefited from these changes as well.  I am so happy that my children are enjoying real clean food at a young age. I hope these habits I am teaching them will last their lifetime. I feel better than I have in years. I am 47 years old but feel much younger. I want to thank you for teaching this old stubborn dog new tricks!