Transformation Lauren

“You’re so skinny.”  “You’re so little.”  “You should never be on a diet!” “I can’t believe you are eating healthy, you’re already a toothpick!”  These are all comments that I heard from friends, family, and fellow workers when I would be watching my calorie intake.  It took this challenge to get me to rethink my fitness journey.  Instead of watching my calories, I began to eat natural foods, more meals, and follow the regular workout routine for each week.  Now, my friends and family say, “Wow, you’re arms are so much stronger-looking!” “Your calves are awesome!  I’ve never seen them like that!” “OMG you actually have a butt!”  The last comment was the best yet 😉

Lauren SIDEThroughout this journey, I knew that it would be difficult for me to stick to a workout routine, but since it was all planned out, I found it to be pretty easy.  Sure, there were days that I did not feel like doing a thing, but once I got myself started, I found my energy levels to rise substantially.  I have always been one to complain about being tired.  I never knew why I was feeling so sluggish.  I have learned through this challenge that my energy level was low because of my diet (processed foods most specifically).  After changing to a clean diet, my energy levels have risen and continue to rise.  This, to me, is one of the best effects from this program.

Lauren FRONTI joined this challenge with my over-stressed, over-tired mother and, together, we have completed the first and are happy to be moving on together to the next challenge.  I am so proud of my mother – working 6 days a week managing a deli, taking care of her 85 year-old live-in grandmother, and still finding the time to lend an ear to all of her friends/family that need her—she has continued to work hard to achieve her goals in this challenge.  She has been my push and my role model on this fitness journey.

Lauren BACKThank you for giving us what we need so that we can focus on our health and well being— as well as our body image before my upcoming wedding!   We are looking forward to SKFit Gurls!