Transformation John

As my 1st challenge is almost over I took a few minutes to reflect back on how things used to be. I was a weight watchers kind of guy, give me points and I’ll stick to it, I succeeded in losing weight on WW, it was easy no problem.

Looking back I was eating a ton of “lite” and fat free goodies and treats and still lost weight. How could this be wrong? Millions of people are doing it so it has to be good right! Atkins diet?? Every guys dream right?? Well we all know what the Atkins diet does and it’s just not an option.

My wife joined her first challenge and was glowing with enthusiasm with her new food education, I then proceeded to get the “you know they have a men’s challenge also” speech. I thought to myself Uggggh I’m not doing this I’m sticking to Weight Watchers it works for me.

In the next few weeks she was relentless about clean eating and joining the challenge, so reluctantly I joined the challenge,had no choice really lol. I immediately learned what I was eating for so long was all wrong, my diet wasn’t balanced, and I was filling in the voids with items that are zero points but had zero nutritional value.

Joining the challenge has taught me what nutrition is about, giving your body the right fuel it needs to perform at its best. I enjoy working out and posting my pics, just posting pics keeps me motivated to stay in this challenge.

This 12 week journey has changed my life, I’m not on a diet, I am eating they way your are supposed to eat is what I tell everyone. I can’t wait to see my progress at the end of the next challenge, without a doubt I will reach my goal by next summer and be that guy other guys hate to see on the beach with the six pack abs. Lol