Transformation Emma

When I started the challenge I thought “I could do with losing a bit of belly fat, why not give it a go?”. Little did I know that the fat loss would be the least significant part of what I gained from starting my SKFitLife Journey.

I’ve always been reasonably active, had a working knowledge of nutrition etc. but ultimately I had a pretty unhealthy relationship with food. I skipped meals and fed myself cheap processed rubbish when I was busy/stressed, telling myself it didn’t matter at the moment but what I was really saying to myself was that I didn’t matter enough to look after myself in the most basic way.

Doing the challenge has revolutionized the way I eat and view food, it has improved my training regime by making it more diverse and most importantly of all it has really made me examine why my sense of self worth isn’t strong enough to even bother nourishing myself properly. I’m not “fixed” but whereas before that would have made me anxious, now I just smile, because I know this is a journey not a destination and I for one am enjoying the ride.