Transformation Chelle

best weight loss tipsThree years ago I was put on a medicine due to my frequent migraines. The medicine cause me to start losing weight. Over two years I lost a significant amount of weight, but never bothered to work out as I was losing the weight.  So I had finally lost some of the weight i wanted to, but because I did not work out, it wasn’t toned leaving me feeling uncomfortable with how my body looked.

Once college started I started working out in the gym, but I could never find the results I best way to lose weightwas looking for.  Uncomfortable with how I looked with how I looked and felt, I saw the amazing results my sister got by doing the SK Fitlife Challenge. Seeing how much she changed her body after two kids inspired me to get the body I wanted.

After twelve weeks of doing the challenge, I’m the happiest I have ever been with my body.  I have learned so much about eating right and exceeding and how they coincide with each other. This challenge and my results have finally let me have peace with my body, I couldn’t be any happier!


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