Transformation Brottie

Where to begin….. My transformation is so much longer than this past 12 weeks. BUT, it is, in this last 12 weeks that I have gained the most benefit and understanding. This experience has propelled me forward towards my lifetime of fitness started so long ago, which was lost somewhere along the way.

It’s not the usual story of, I’m a mom, I have kids, my life took a backseat etc. etc. It all starts with the 21 year old depicted below in the photo on the left. She was full of energy, coaching soccer, playing recreational sports, personal training, out and about and active. Little did she know that in 2-3 years she would meet someone that would rock the foundation of everything she knew and her life would take a major detour. As a result, fitness and athletics would all unknowingly take a backseat. Sure there were the occasional couple of months spent at the gym and then life would happen and it would drop off. This went on for just under 20 years. Excuses are the nails that build a house of failure, and I was living in one without even knowing it.

At the end of April 2011, 39 years old, I found myself awake (again) at 2am, fighting with another bout of insomnia. I was somewhat miserable and lost. To entertain myself I started surfing the web on my little iTouch.

To this day, I am not even sure how I came across what I found that finally jogged my memory of life in the past. The videos that I came across were from Lacey Stone in NYC who described herself as a celebrity fitness trainer. Sure, whatever, I hadn’t seen her on TV, and I sure did spend a lot of wasteful hours doing that. However, I remember her initial story of how she woke up one day, looked in the mirror and didn’t recognize herself.

Specifically, that she saw sadness her eyes, was overweight, felt disgusting and gross. She had been a division 1 athlete and was used to being active and healthy and not having eating affect her weight. Wait a minute? Is she telling my story?! Ok so I didn’t play division 1 soccer, but remember that 21 year old down there…. Yeah, I recognize her, but where did she go?

I felt lost with no direction and I weighed the most in my life at 157lbs. WTF, how does that even happen to…oh wait, no, I am NOT 21 anymore and eating pizza at 9pm is NOT a good idea. I have a body type that is good for hiding some extra pounds, but I knew it was there. So, I hired a trainer and started on a new path. That went really well for 3 months EVEN on vacation! I lost 12 pounds.

But then I got sick, a bad sinus infection that put me out for a few months. Once you break that cycle, the hardest part is getting back to a routine. There’s always an excuse, life gets in the way etc. But in Jan 2012 I jumped back in hard core because this was going to be my 40th year and I was determined to make it awesome. I had breast reduction surgery 2 weeks before my 40th birthday, but I could feel that spark still inside, I knew I had a month of recovery, but every day of it I felt the drive to get to the gym. I finally got back in at the end of February, starting slowly and trucked along for the next 4 months.

I knew Steph and had heard about the challenge she had going. I believed that this was what I needed to kick me into a new gear. That it did! While I have never been one to set goals and then work to achieve them, I find myself doing so all the time now. I now have a vision board, which anyone who knows me would likely gasp and say, you have whhaaatt?!

I have only lost a few pounds while on this challenge/journey and now weigh 139, I have found part of that 21 year old again…see her now at age 40 on the right in the photo below. Oh and yes… those are 35 pound plates instead of the measly 25 pound plates the 21 year old lifted.

I have come to realize that I missed being in a position to motivate and support others, I didn’t think I was that kind of person at all. I can truly now FEEL the change inside that has come about and look forward to the continued journey every single day. Oh and I’ve never slept better. Cue the AC/DC song…I’m back, yes I’m back, well I’m back, yes I’m baaacckk!