Transformation Becca

My journey over the past 12 weeks has been a steady learning curve to a better mind and body! I have always followed nutrition and fitness and felt that I was pretty knowledgeable about the basics and how to lose weight. I know there are no quick fixes or magic pills and honestly I am glad. I want people to have to work a little in their lives to achieve their goals because that is how we truly derive a sense of self-worth and happiness.

fitness tipsI have been running for a while now and really enjoy it. I had lost weight and was slimmer than before, but my body still wasn’t where I wanted. My friend, Karen had researched SKFitLife and asked if I wanted to participate in the 12-week challenge with her. Besides meeting Karen, this was one of the best things to happen to me since living in Blacksburg! I love the program and believe I can make this a lifestyle – not just a temporary fix for bathing suit season. I learned that I needed to cut back on my steady cardio and incorporate weights and HIIT to really start seeing the physical changes I wanted.

Even though my time working out was shorter, my workouts were more effective, which is an awesome bonus. The hyperlinks to how to do the weight workouts were so helpful. I have always been intimidated by weight training and overwhelmed on what each move meant and how to do it properly. In fact before using the hyperlinks, I would rely on Karen to tell me what I needed to do for our weight training. These links made me feel more confident about getting my workouts done even if my workout buddy had a conflict. Self-sufficiency at the gym has always been a goal and now I can achieve it.

fitness secretsFinally, I have learned a lot about eating clean and that I can’t out train a bad diet (and believe me, I have TRIED!!). This was the other significant thing I learned through SKFitLife. I can see the importance of meal planning and cooking even if I don’t always do them. Diet/nutrition is my last “real” hurdle but I have made great strides in trying to make better choices each day –no matter how small– which I think is what Stephanie wants for each of us.

In closing, I just got a job where I will have to travel frequently and I feel confident that I fitness trainingcan take the tools and resources I have gotten from this program and use them on the road. I CAN incorporate exercise and good nutrition into my everyday life without being a boring person. I have been so inspired by Stephanie and our group that I signed up for SKFitGurls. This goes to prove – even an old dog can learn new tricks and beg for more:).