Transformation Angela

My name is Angela, I’m 29, I live in Fairless Hills Pa. I did the college thing got my bachelors in accounting and then got married to the love of my life!  I have 4 children…2 SETS OF TWINS…the older ones will be turing 4 in a month and the younger set will turn 2 in November! (That’s 4 kids under 4) I work part-time 25+ hours a week!! It’s the same company I’ve always worked for but given my unique situation they let me take my work home (so very fortunate!!).

As long as I can remember, I have always been one to “chase skinny” as Stephanie says.  I was always the one that would OVER indulge in food and then OVER exercise it off.  It was always hard for me to find balance in my life between my food and my figure.   Before I would allow my weight to spiral out of control I would “fix” the problem.

I was either bingeing or starving….obviously neither being healthy (both being eating disorders).  Aside from that, carrying the 2 twin pregnancies caused my abdominal walls to split down the center, vertically (Diastasis Recti, four finger width gap).  I couldn’t even begin to explain the emotional impact that has had on just about every step I take, every thought I think ….all day, every day. Some people might think I’m being “shallow” but when you don’t love yourself, it’s hard to accept love from others.  When the Diastasis got combined to my existing food and weight problems it made my confidence even worse.

With my body overwhelmed with emotions and having that lack of self-control and confidence, I knew it was time for a change much deeper than anything I’ve done, and just failed at before.

I started noticing the changes in all of my friends who joined Stephanie’s challenge (I’m not just talking physical either) and I was AMAZED! They had so much more confidence, energy and looked so much healthier…they’re skin, they’re bodies! I knew I had to give it a try!

The past 12 weeks in my challenge has been like no other!  The friendship and support that was built is amazing! I learned how to eat healthy and stop craving the “junk”.  I learned how to exercise properly, effectively and efficiently.  Finding the time to exercise and learning to eat “clean” was anything but easy (especially in this house, trust me)!  Throughout it all, I have changed in so many ways:  My confidence, my strength, my body, my life.  I didn’t want any more quick fixes… what I wanted was a new lifestyle…A TRUE healthy lifestyle!!  And that’s exactly what SKFITLIFE has given me!

As a result of the Diastasis Recti, there were only some ab workouts I could do or else I could separate the muscles even further! But I’ve noticed a lot of improvement doing Steph’s workouts!! My goals for the next 12 weeks, is to keep a food log, lean out (hopefully no more UPstairs, yes I’m talking tata’s!!) and build some muscle baby!! I have always been one to workout…at times, a little excessive!! I’ve never had a “healthy” relationship with food!! Or should I say portion size, LOL!! I LOVE food….I find my self drooling and daydreaming all the time over food!! Most people dream of vacation and fancy things…I dream of food!! If I’m ever in a daze…and you ask me what’s on my mind…I’m probably contemplating what I’m gonna eat next!! LMAO…but not kidding!! “Clean Eating” is by far my BIGGEST challenge!!

Thank you Stephanie Keenan!!

Hugs and Kisses,