Don’t spend time explaining why you are or are not eating whatever is in front of you.

That one piece of advice will save you a ton of headache and save you from ending up eating/drinking something you truly don’t want to eat/drink.

Why? How? Because the person/people you are explaining this to ultimately wants you to eat it and will convince you to do it.

Whoa… Kinda harsh? Not really. It’s just human nature. These are some of the reasons well-meaning people will try to convince you to eat/drink things you have declared “off limits”… You will see that not all reasons are bad but why not eating those foods may get some pushback.

  1. People don’t like change and if you change your lifestyle/eating habits, that can be scary for them.
  2. They want you to enjoy what they have spent time making.
  3. They think you are miserable with your new lifestyle and want to tell you it’s ok to live a little and enjoy.

And many other reasons, good and bad but you can see how the explanation itself could be the catalyst for conversation you don’t even want to have in the first place, right?

I show up to parties and gatherings with a predetermined menu in my head and I stick with it without discussion. This doesn’t allow for me to talk myself out of it either! I hope this helps! The last thing we want is for our friends, families and co-workers to see our healthy lifestyle choices as anything but inspirational.