Stop Chasing Skinny Episode #55

10 Causes of Poor Discipline with Andrea Lambert

Andrea Lambert has her BS in Psychology and earned her Life Coaching certification through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC). iPEC offers the most comprehensive and experiential Certified Professional Coach training program in the world. Coaching with Andrea is unlike other life coaching experiences in that she is committed to your commitment and accountability. She doesn’t just help you figure out where you want to go in life, she is also there to make sure you follow through on your dreams, desires, and goals.

Andrea also offers a great FREE worksheet to help you prioritize your tasks so you can spend your time and energy on checking the right things off of your list versus becoming overwhelmed by all that you need to do. We all know that overwhelm can result in inaction.

ALL of my fellow entrepreneurs should REALLY listen to this one!

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Episode Topics:

☀️ This week’s podcast is based on Andrea’s blog post found here.

☀️ If you only change ONE of these things, change #2 and see how much your life will improve:

  1. Instant gratification: if you don’t get it, you don’t want to put the work in
  2. Letting Feelings dictate actions: “I don’t feel like it right now”
  3. Living with excuses: “I hurt my foot and I didn’t sleep much, so why would I do extra work now?”
  4. The need for variety: “I don’t want to do this every day, I’m ready to try something new and give up on this for now”
  5. The some day mentality: “I’m not going anywhere, I can get to this tomorrow or next week:
  6. Isolating incidence: “Right now I’m not going to do it, but that’s only right now, I have the rest of the day and week to do it, I’ll get to it, no big deal if I don’t act now”
  7. Not being committed for the long term: “Wow, this is taking longer than I thought, maybe I don’t really want it”
  8. Waiting for breakthroughs: “I know something is going to hit me, a new way to do this, a new idea, a burst of energy, I’m just going to sit on it for a bit”
  9. Not believing your goals and dreams are possible: “I’m not really a lucky person, so am I really likely to be able to reach this goal? Probably not”
  10. A past oriented vision: “I’ve never followed through in the past, I’ve never reached my goals, so this time probably won’t be different”

Source: Hal Elrod, author of the Miracle Morning


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