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Stop Chasing Skinny Episode #14

The Missing Link to Weight Loss Very Few People Know About, Including Personal Trainers with Dr. Jimerson and Dr. Gillespie

I recently interviewed Dr. Jimerson and Dr. Gillespie from Elite Performance and Pain Center… Talk about eye-opening!

Did you know that you can do ALL THE RIGHT THINGS when it comes to training and nutrition and still not look or feel any better?

A functional medicine doctor seems to be where some people end up after they have exhausted all other options, been stuck with a thousand needles, and even endured many super invasive procedures (hello… IBS sufferers out there?), but they should be one of your first (if not THE first) stop when it comes to moods, body composition, digestive issues, and pain to name a few.

As a fitness professional, I feel like I am a first responder at times. People come to me to get exercise advice but sometimes they need to be referred out to a specialist because whatever they have going on is not being corrected by diet and exercise alone.

I had my hormone levels checked so we shall see what comes back!

Great news… All of this testing and consulting can take place wherever you are located. Unless you really WANT to take a trip to Charleston.

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Show Notes

We covered the following topics during our time together:

  • Importance of hormone balancing for energy exercise and weight loss, adrenals, and estrogen.
  • Role of diet in terms of your exercise goals, is it performance or weight loss?
  • Optimal supplements: you can’t rely on diet alone.
  • Digestive Health is the missing link to optimize results.
  • How to improve performance and results without injury and what to do if you have injury or pain.

It isn’t always a matter of will power when it comes to cravings. Our bodies have cravings because it is in need of something. The following cravings could be linked to much bigger problems than just will power.

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In the show, I talk about seeing several “bust those love handles” workouts pinned all over Pinterest as well as just about everywhere else on the internet. I hate to see people wasting their time and energy on methods that are not actually going to help them reach their goals. Dr. Gillespie breaks it down for us in this podcast. Where you are storing fat could be a clue into your overall health.

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Dr. Jimerson isn’t your average chiropractor and understands there could be an even bigger underlying problem when it comes to pain. Prior to recording this interview, I had NO idea there could be a link between pain and hormonal imbalances. Did you?

charleston functional medicine doctor

Fats… Good fats are good

“Testosterone is made from cholesterol, so it you are following a low fat, low cholesterol diets or if you’re on statin medications for high cholesterol, you’re actually lowering your testosterone.”


“Women… estrogen is made from cholesterol. If you are following low-fat diets, you are going to end up with estrogen problems down the road.”

How can someone reach you to make an appointment or learn more about hormone balancing, adrenal health testing, and the benefits of soft tissue chiropractic work?

Dr. Jeremiah Jimerson, D.C. & Dr. Stewart Gillespie, Functional Medicine Doctor

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