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We recently had a client return to the SKFitLife monthly membership with these words:

“…I completed the challenge about 2+ years ago and that was the healthiest I ever was in my life.

I loved all of Stephanie’s workouts. There was always variety and she had such a way of keeping fit and fun and you are excited to make fit food choices. I also have realized that Stephanie is real. What I mean by that is. She’s not the type of trainer to not know who is using her programs. She’s an active part in your weight loss with encouragement. That is key for me…that support from everyone.”

This returning client also said she tried all kinds of different programs between the time she was with us originally and her return this week, but that none of them worked as well as SKFitLife.

I get it… we have so many options for fitness; and in the marketing game of fitness, each new option promises quicker, easier, and cheaper results than the competition.

While I can promise the monthly $57 for weight training, HIIT, and coaching is a HUGE savings over what meeting with a trainer 3 times per week would cost (about $1,000 per month), I will never tell you it is quick and easy. Real results require real work, but real results are the only ones that will ever stick around. I’m pretty sure easy come, easy go was created for this very reason.

This video was created 4.5 years ago… since then, we have been working to make this program even better… building in weekly video lessons, new recipes, and so many more ways to get you to WANT to do it… There is nothing more powerful than wanting it from the inside out rather than just having a cheerleader telling you to keep going.