Alana Long Mount Pleasant Massage TherapistStop Chasing Skinny Episode #6

Massage Therapy and How it Relates to Peak Performance and Recovery with Alana Long

Alana and I met during an intense group fitness training session and reconnected in her massage studio where she gave me by far the best recovery massage of my life after the most physically challenging Spartan Race of my life!

So many people think massage is something you do for some stress relief or when you go on a vacation to the islands. Of course there are stress relief benefits but the additional health benefits of a really good massage go far beyond stress relief and reach into areas of:

  • Improved Recovery
  • Reduced Chance of Injury
  • Hormonal Health
  • Lymphnode Drainage

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Show Notes

Describe your ideal client and why.

My ideal client would be someone who realizes the importance of massage and it’s benefits in prevention of injury and recovery from pain-acute or chronic. I want people to realize that massage is not a luxury but a part of healthcare and has many proven medical benefits. I love working with athletes; they realize this and the style of massage they need is my preferred work.

Please describe your style of massage therapy and what makes your techniques different from your typical “feel-good” massage.

I provide a medical massage but still try to incorporate a relaxing flow so that my clients are able to de-stress. My mind is very organized when I massage. I am thinking about the muscles I work, their origin and insertion, action, and how they are effecting my client. I work in clean lines and tailor each massage to what the client needs. My client’s often describe feeling “put back together” after they get off of the table. Sometimes the work I do is very deep depending on the client’s needs.

What are some things the listener can do to improve their health, performance and recovery including scheduling frequency and type of massage?

Could you please give 3 different examples… endurance athlete such as a runner, weight lifting athlete such as a power lifter, cross fitter, physique competitor, and general fitness?

Everyone always needs to be properly hydrated and consume the correct amount of nutrients-this will always help muscle health. Regular exercise will help to increase blood flow and keep the muscles long, lean, and healthy. The average person would benefit from adding a monthly massage to their healthcare routine. Often people spend many hours at a desk, prolonged sitting, and prolonged positioning which can cause muscle tension.

A runner or the average active person would benefit from a massage every 2-3 weeks. When using the body on a regular basis we need to make sure that we are taking care to help it recover. A runner uses their hamstrings, IT bands, and hips so special care needs to be addressed in those areas. A foam roller would also help to decrease muscle tension.

Someone who is lifting heavy competitively or just on a regular basis like a cross-fitter needs massage once a week-possibly even twice. The muscles, joints, and body are under constant stress to increase muscle tone and tension. Muscles need to recover and when the muscle tone is so strong a foam roller just wont do it. Muscles need to be worked through massage and lengthened so that full range of motion can continue.

Please list your services again and how can the listener contact you?

I offer a variety of massage services including: Deep tissue, swedish, sports, neuromuscular, hot stones, and prenatal massage.

I also do a full body stretch session where the client is passive and active on the table while I take them through a stretch sequence.

I also teach a full foam rolling routine so that the client is able to foam roll on their own for self care.

My website is which has my contact information.

Facebook: is Longevity Wellness
Instagram: Longevity_Wellness