Stop Chasing Skinny Episode #26

SCS 26Sugar Cravings are a Symptom of an Underlying Problem with Dr. Gillespie

This is a follow up interview with functional medicine doctor (interviewed in Episode #14), Dr. Stewart Gillespie.

He covers:

☀️ Why are low fat diets detrimental to your hormonal health?

☀️ Why blood tests don’t tell the whole story.

☀️ What to do when your blood work comes back as “normal” but you feel anything BUT normal.

☀️ Which tests are really going to tell you what you need to know?

☀️ Everything you want to know about gut infections, hormonal imbalances, and detox pathways.

☀️ Did you know research now shows urinary tract infections are linked to gut health?

☀️ The link between autoimmune issues and gut health.

☀️ Did you know weight loss could be stalled due to a hormonal imbalance? Did you know that hormonal imbalance could be due to a gut infection?

☀️ Most sugar cravings are due to a gut infection. Sugar cravings are a symptom of an underlying problem.

☀️ Once you get healthy, THEN you can start tinkering and lose weight.

☀️ The key is to GET HEALTHY FIRST. If you go after the weight loss first, you can give yourself a whole host of hormonal problems if you don’t get healthy first.

Dr. Stewart Gillespie

Dr. Stewart Gillespie


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