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Creating an IDEAL Lifestyle with Seth Strauss

Seth started his chiropractic journey as he was trying to heal himself when he was an up and coming super star rugby player from South African. Back surgery at the age of 18 was Seth’s only other option when he discovered chiropractic care.

Seth has taken his personal “freedom from pain journey” a huge leap forward to opening a chiropractic office to correct and even prevent pain in his patients. Join us to learn more about how you can be free from headaches, back aches, and a whole host of problems we may never think of as being connected to our spine.




“Anterior Head Syndrome” – what is the primary cause and why are we seeing so much of it these days?

  • What are the primary conditions?
  • What are the secondary conditions?
    • Some that stick out to me that I will specifically ask about are: headaches, mental health status, fatigue, fibromyalgia, and digestive issues… these are the things I see with my clients on a regular basis and are typically treated with pills or just written off as part of the aging process.)

Anterior Head Syndrom

During our initial meeting you showed me the assessments you do with your clients and I was intrigued by the Grain Free and Dairy Free section. Could you talk a bit about both and I’m especially interested in the link with osteoporosis.

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Ear infections.

ear infections


Backpack Safety.

backpack safety


You mentioned that you also coach a local high school rugby team here in Charleston… what advice would you give to parents for how they can support their young athlete?


How does your office differ from other chiropractic offices and how can people get in touch with you?



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