Stop Chasing Skinny Episode #23

SCS23Living Saltwater Fit in Costa Rica with Julie Gohring

Julie shares her story of how she ended up moving to Costa Rica as well as all of
her fitlife philosophies through Saltwater Fit in this interview.

Julie made the same leap as I did in that she had visited Costa Rica on vacations and then decided to sell everything and move there full-time.

Julie shares a little bit about what it is like to LIVE in a beach town in Costa Rica…

stop chasing skinny podcast

Costa_Vida_Photography-194One of the things I read when I was doing my research prior to moving to Costa Rica was that property is very easy to buy and hard to sell because people move there thinking it is going to be amazing but then they can’t handle the culture shock. My response to people who ask me how it was living there goes a little like this, “it is gorgeous and the people are amazing but it is still a developing country so most of the things we take for granted here are from non-existent to unpredictable to luxuries there. ”

Some of the other questions Julie answers for us are:

What are some of the things you absolutely love about living in Costa Rica?

What are some things you don’t know about until you have been living there for a bit

Moving onto fitness! What did your fitness transition from suited up for pharma sales in the US to surf town fitness professional look like? What have been the biggest lessons you have learned that you can apply to listeners grinding it out in the business world?

What is your particular style of training and how has it helped your surfing?

Speaking of surfing, you and Nick have surfed in some pretty spectacular locations. Where exactly have you been?

You live with Nick Holt, an experimenter if I’ve ever seen one… what are some things you two have tried and what have you found to work for you?

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