Aleka ThorvalsonStop Chasing Skinny Episode #19

Freedom from Food with Aleka Thorvalson

From the study of nutrition to the study of psychology to the study of psycho-spirituality, Aleka now uses her diverse background in her life coaching with a very holistic approach.

If you have been listening along in this 4-part series on disordered eating and eating disorders and any of this has sounded familiar, you really won’t want to miss this one.

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Show Notes

We were so deep into this conversation we didn’t even take any breaks. You are going to have to dive into this one… it’s THAT good!

Some of the golden nuggets from this one…

It’s not just about the food.


An eating disorder… at one point IT WORKED. There’s a reason why you did what you did and let’s not get too down on yourself for picking the one thing that worked for you on some level. If you’ve been through trauma and don’t know who else to turn to, sometimes that cheesecake works. But there comes a point when that coping strategy is not working anymore and that’s where change can really show up.