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These Images Could Save Your Life with Shanna Schulze

I started having yearly thermography total body scans in 2013, and I wanted to bring this information to you. We have more options than we think when it comes to our health care. I think this information is such a critical tool in preventative health care measures that I even decided to share my full reports analysis with you.

Shanna Schulze, CTT, is my thermography technician and a member of Breast Thermography International (BTI) and the Professional Academy of Clinical Thermology (PACT). She is the owner of Southern Florida Medical Thermography.

These are just 3 reasons to understand what this potentially life-saving non-invasive, radiation-free technology is all about:

+ 80% of breast cancer patients have NO family history…

+ Breast cancer is the leading cause of death for women ages 35-54, but we are not recommended to get mammograms until the age of 40…

+ 20% of mammograms give false negatives

Thermography is 97% accurate for breast cancer screening compared to mammography which is only 83% accurate.

Yes… Thermography = 97% and Mammography = 83%

That’s just the beginning of what thermography can offer.

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Show Notes

We covered the following topics during our time together:

  • What exactly is medical thermography?
  • Your a member of Breast Thermography International. What about the rest of the body?
  • How did you get started with your own business?
  • Who should get a screening?
  • What’s the difference between thermography and mammography? What about MRI or Ultrasound?
  • How often should you get a screening?
  • Where do you perform these screenings?
  • What is your pricing and how long is an appointment?
  • Does insurance pay for screenings?

You mentioned an introduction price for my listeners. What is the offer?

Shanna is offering $50 off for anyone who mentions this video/audio and her contact information can be found below. Shanna offers thermography scans in South Carolina and Florida and is always offering free informational seminars so make sure you sign up for her monthly email newsletter so you can stay in the loop on dates, times, and locations.

How can someone reach you to make an appointment or learn more about the accuracy and the benefits of medical thermography?

Shanna Schulze, CTT
Breast Thermography International

Office: (877) 315-7226 Ext 447
Home Office: (843) 974-4662
Cell: (603) 996-1974
Fax: (888) 316-7648

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