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So you think you want to be a fitness model…

How many of you “met” me through social media… Facebook… Instagram… Google Plus…?

If you have been following me for the past couple years, you may have thought, “wow… it must be nice to be a fitness model who gets paid to workout and wear bikinis and travel to tropical locations…”

Or maybe you haven’t thought, “it must be nice,” and thank you for that because I have fought tooth and nail for the lifestyle I have designed; but unless you have been “behind the scenes,” it is really hard to imagine exactly what goes into creating such a business and life.

I recently had a client ask me the following questions and I thought it would be helpful for me to share our conversation for anyone who thinks they want to be a “fitness model” and for those of you who are wondering how I do it/did it.

Q: How did you get into fitness modeling? What were your steps that you took? Do you have an agent? You are literally the one that keeps me going in the gym and I so want to be a fitness role model for anyone to encourage a healthy lifestyle!

A: Oh goodness… it was a long and winding road to say the least…

VERY FEW fitness models actually get paid for the modeling they do… Take a listen to see what I am talking about.

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Show Notes

Topic #1: How to be a Fitness Model

Back to answering these questions from my client:how to be a fitness model

  1. How did you get into fitness modeling?
  2. What were your steps that you took?
  3. Do you have an agent?
  4. You are literally the one that keeps me going in the gym and I so want to be a fitness role model for anyone to encourage a healthy lifestyle!

Like I said, VERY FEW fitness models actually get paid for the modeling they do… So what are the other options?

Many fitness models go the route of “sponsors” which is where you align yourself with a supplement company but honestly, other than a couple on the market I am not comfortable with most of the products out there… so I took the route of using my “fitness modeling” to market my business.

You are so sweet:))). And I know exactly what you mean… I have my role models for sure!


My first question to you would be what do you want the end result to look like… do you want to share your message and be a role model who blogs? live events? do you want to be a trainer (totally NOT required)? do you want to make videos? Think about how you want to use the platform of fitness modeling because there are SOOOOOOOOoo many awesome opportunities out there and there are just as many dead-ends.

Q: Fitness models not getting paid? That is crazy. I just thought they were paid for modeling.

So without being too intrusive, do you pay a photographer and take pics then post them to your site? So you are not getting paid for them? How are you making an income?

A: Yep… models who are featured in magazines are very fortunate because we are getting exposure and sure, some get paid a bit for their time BUT… it is ultimately up to us as individuals as to what we do with that exposure.

Supplement companies are the ones who may “pay” you but the arrangement is that you are a “sponsored athlete” and then you may have to compete in a certain number of competitions and/or work specific events such as the Arnold or Olympia and anything in between but even the larger ($) sponsorships are not as much as you may think and most times barely cover the expenses of competing and/or photo shoots.

I don’t mind your questions at all! Yes, the models pay their own photographers unless it has been arranged by a sponsor or magazine or that photographer offers to shoot them for free. Yes, I have paid for 90% of my photo shoots and have used the photos for my site, business cards, marketing materials, etc.

I have a service-based business so I provide a service (online fitness training and coaching) in exchange for compensation. Some people make money from blogging IF they have a big enough blog… companies will pay them to be able to advertise on their website/blog.

fitness model dietSome fitness models choose to sell supplements. I make a portion of my income from Isagenix and this is only after using and loving the product myself since 2010. Make sure you research the companies and products you choose to support prior to associating your name with it. You want to make sure those companies are in alignment with your own personal values. Having a good understanding of the compensation structure of the supplements you are representing is extremely important. Most companies will simply pay a commission on the retail sales versus paying out on what your whole team is building. If you have specific questions about this, don’t hesitate to email us at

You can also make money from your YouTube channel if you have enough followers and sell advertising. I am in the process of having some videos made that I can sell as downloadable videos or streaming videos which is super exciting.

Live events are another way to earn an income.

Q: I think I would love to blog or do live events and speak about how important fitness is to colleges business ect.. Maybe a video? At this point I have no interest in being a trainer. I just don’t even know any avenues to get into any of that stuff. I am in little Nebraska. I wonder if the opportunities are even here? I definitely want to make an income with fitness, that would be my main goal.

Yes, there is still a huge opportunity for you. Read or listen ( to the books listed below and they will really help you to see what might work for you and what fits your personal style.

It takes a lot of time and a lot of blood sweat and tears but it is worth it in the end. I have spent countless hours (literally a few years) designing my business and my life but I don’t regret it at all.

It is scary and messy and so many things can come at you but if you are truly passionate about it, nothing will stop you from making it a reality.

These are some books to get you started…

Four Hour Work Week


Think and Grow Rich

Also, my 3 favorite podcasts are:

Internet Business MasteryBlogcastFM, and Smart Passive Income. You can check out my interviews on IBM and BlogcastFM here:




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