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What to share??? Blog posts and information YOU would take the time to sit down and read as a busy person and as a professional. Speaking of professional… Please make sure to verify correct grammar and spelling.

Topics we are looking for: The health and fitness space is very noisy and crowded with fluff and half-truths made up by people who know more about marketing than they do about the human mind and body.

We want to see content that YOU would like to see yourself.

SKFitLife promotes living a healthy and fit LIFE with the tag line of “life begins when you stop chasing skinny.” Examples of possible topics include:

  • Living a balanced life.
  • How to simplify healthy habits.
  • Recipes.
  • Nutrition and training topics that haven’t been written about 1,000 times;-).
  • Healthy mindset.
  • Healthy vacation ideas.
  • Healthy families.
  • Topics you WISH other people were covering. You never know how writing about something you want to know more about can inspire others to write more about that particular topic too.

Do you have an idea for a post but don’t see it on the list? Feel free to email us prior to submission if you like

Original content: We only post original content from guests. If you would like to “repost” your guest content on your own blog, we highly recommend using the AtContent WordPress plug-in.

Ownership acknowledgment: By submitting your guest blog post, you are acknowledging that SKFitLife now owns the content. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? It just means we want to keep the content on SKFitLife original. If you share it with us, please don’t post it on other blogs as a guest post. AtContent and other re-posting methods are fine.

Where CAN you link to? People have written blog posts on almost every topic out there, so instead of regurgitating the same old information, feel free to link out to the sites that have already covered it.

Please also feel free to link back to your blog, business website, or other bio. We appreciate you sharing your time and expertise with us. ABSOLUTELY NO AFFILIATE LINKING.


All guest blog posts must be approved: This is not a fully automated system where content is submitted and then automatically displayed. We will be reading and approving all guest blog posts to ensure the quality of content and to ensure it doesn’t violate our policies listed below.

Why? In the world of health and fitness, the bar to entry has never been lower and we strive to uphold a higher standard.

1.) No MLM/Direct Sales pitches: All posts referring to these types of products will be disqualified. First, because SKFitLife has a product we have been using since 2010 and it works great for us.

Secondly, supplements are TOOLS and should be implemented as such, but many people like to go over the top with them. Going so far as to promoting them as forcefully as a religion. We want to keep this blog from becoming a sales office or proving ground.

2.) Quality content please: We are all busy people here and think about it this way… if you wouldn’t take the time to read it, others won’t either. Some topics have been covered time and time again. We are looking for a fresh perspective, not something you’ve seen as a magazine headline 100 times.

3.) Zero tolerance for product specific or spammy links: We will be clicking all links during the approval process. Please keep all links relevant, non-product specific, and non-spammy. Again, if you have any question, feel free to email us at

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