There’s something very sweet about cupcakes, both literally and metaphorically! After you get powerful visual stimuli just by looking at these amazing pieces of dessert heaven, you get to taste its delicious texture, too – and let your soul melt away together with the dark chocolate and strawberry crumbs! We love the fact that cupcakes have been gaining in popularity over the recent years. Granted, they are probably the perfect treats you can opt for when throwing a party, organizing a casual gathering with friends or just getting people together for your personal enjoyment. Each cupcake is an opportunity for a different flavor, an interesting decoration, and a new nutritional treat – whether you want to enjoy a variety of tastes and visuals or just play around in the kitchen!

Here are just a few reasons why we’ll never stop loving cupcakes:

Cupcakes are love

Everything that’s great, starts with love. Cupcakes may be a perfect gift for someone dear to you, especially if you pay some attention to the way they’ll be decorated, packed and presented. So, not only are they delicious treats but they’re a thoughtful way to show someone you care. Obviously, if you know their favorite flavor, you’ll make them even happier!


Believe it or not… cupcakes are healthy

Well, eating ten cupcakes in a row isn’t the definition of health per se, but when prepared in a healthy way, they can be real nutritive treats! Made with less sugar or healthy sweeteners that don’t take away the taste but certainly add to their nutritive value, cupcakes can be those gorgeous healthy snacks everyone can eat. To make cupcakes as healthy as possible, prepare them with olive oil, butter, gluten-free flour, cereal, applesauce (or any other fruit sauce), etc. – the options are endless! And, when you are in the mood to spice things up, why not consider making those cupcakes with tequila, rum or vodka? Go figure!

Cupcakes are a great part of any celebration

When you don’t have enough time to go all culinary wizard on your dishes and the guests are about to arrive, cupcakes are the thing! Even the most complicated cupcakes are made very quickly, they don’t take longer than thirty minutes to bake and you’ve got a treat that’s both visually and taste-wise amazing! Great thing is that, even when you’ve got absolutely no time to do anything around the kitchen, there are plenty of incredible catering services making (and delivering!) delicious treats made to everyone’s tastes! You know it already – these days, cupcakes are very popular as they are easy to transport, easy to decorate, and – most importantly – easy and delicious to eat. So, enjoy your tasty snack with no second thoughts!

enjoy cupcake

Let your imagination run wild and decorate to your liking

It doesn’t really matter if we’re talking about birthdays, weddings, engagement parties, the Christmas, Easter, or a no-specific-reason-gathering that’s just meant to cheer up your dear ones, cupcakes are the real deal that no one stays indifferent to. If you love experimenting with flavors and decorations, let your imagination run wild and decorate them so that it fits the occasion. To you – it’ll be yet another challenge mastered and to your loved ones – a perfect bite!

 Flavors that are remembered

In addition to well-known flavors, such as chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and coconut, we advise you to think outside the box and experiment a little. Why wouldn’t you mix various options and try adding flavors of candied fruit, tiramisu, mocha, mint, peanut pistachio, raspberry, cilia? The more unusual the taste, the more challenging it is to make – and, the most unforgettable for those who’re eating it!

The fact that we’re used to eating chocolate or fruit cupcakes doesn’t mean they are the only flavors you can eat. Challenge yourself, experiment, make it a fun experience each time you are trying a new recipe and see what happens!

There are some Up and Coming Alternatives

Cupcakes have close relatives. That’s right – they are not only children in the family of delicious treats. Some of my favorites are canapes and tartlets. Mmmm mini cakes – imagine that! Tiny little pies – who can resist those? They also come in savory options and are ideal for any kind of party. Ideal as finger food catering and best when you don’t have enough time – these are the best go-to treats for a quick and delicious solution.