Charleston Pole FitnessOblique Magazine’s Have an Amorous Workout

by Stephanie Keenan

What if I told you there is a way to get fit and look fabulous that is 100 percent pure fun? Well, there is a way to shake off extra pounds and that heavy stress of life weighing you down on a daily basis.

This magical method is pole fitness, and the Oblique FitGurls will attest that this super fun class left us all limber, sweaty and even a little feisty. Amorous Dance, conveniently located off Savannah Highway in West Ashley, hosted our FitGurls event. We warmed up, stretched out and strutted our stuff. Well, it was a little more shaking than strutting, and we all enjoyed our very own private dance party.

Pole fitness has been around for several years now, and you may have read about the calorie-burning results of the classes. But I wanted to point out the less obvious and more profound benefits of pole fitness.

Pole fitness CharlestonThe biggest benefit is the de-stressing effect it has on you. Right now, turn on some music and do some dancing. Give me 60 seconds of shaking your tail feather. How great did that feel? Now imagine how amazing you would feel after doing that for an hour with the best music and some new, fun girlfriends! Stress has been termed the silent killer because stress is what leads to all sorts of health issues from heart disease and cancer to being overweight. You can see how shaking it off can lead to a healthier life and weight loss.

The next thing I want you to think about is how you spend your days. Do you spend most of your time sitting? Sitting at a desk? Sitting in your car? When we spend most of our day sitting, we actually become disconnected in our own bodies. Our upper bodies don’t know how to effectively communicate with our lower bodies and our left sides forget how to communicate with our right sides. This leads to problems with strength, coordination and balance. Add time to this equation and you can see how prolonged sitting can affect the quality of life down the road. Pole fitness reactivates this total body communication.

Amorous Dance CharlestonAnother weight loss aspect comes from lifting your own body weight in class. The next time unhealthy food is in front of you, think about how much easier it would be to walk away from it because your goal of wanting to be better at pole fitness is stronger than your desire to eat the cake. That sounds much more appealing than relying on willpower alone!

And for the final point of the top reasons you will love pole fitness: the hotness factor. You didn’t think we were going to skip over the hot factor, did you? Pole fitness gives you or reignites that sexy side you have been missing. For more information on Amorous Dance, go to

Benefits of Pole Fitness