Pike Push Ups



Start in a decline push-up position placing the balls of your feet on the bench and hands on the ground. Keeping your core tight and engaged, bend at the waist, letting your head drop down between your shoulders.
Lower the top of your head down until almost touching the ground, then use your shoulders to press yourself back until your arms are straight. Repeat.


Why I Love This Move!

No dumbbells for military presses? No problem. Use this move!

Why/When I Use This Move

I love how challenging this move is and how quickly you can exhaust your shoulders with very few moves. You can use it in place of military presses or super-set it with military presses for complete and total failure. Just be careful not to fall on your face!

Give This a Try:

Military Press 3 x 12

Super-Set with

Pike Push-up 3 x AMAP

45 second rest between sets

Watch it here!