Decline Push Ups










Kneel on floor with bench or elevation behind body. Position hands on floor slightly wider than shoulder width. Place feet on bench or elevation. Raise body body in plank position with body straight and arms extended.


Keeping body straight, lower upper body to floor by bending arms. To allow for full descent, pull head back slightly without arching back. Push body up until arms are extended. Make sure to keep your hands beneath your shoulders and elbows close to your body. Repeat. Range of motion will be compromised if grip is too wide.

Why I Love This Move!

The added challenge of the decline increases intensity and the change in angle of your body really works the front of your shoulders.

Why/When I Use This Move

I love using this move as a warm-up at the beginning of a workout and at the end as a finisher.

Give This a Try:

As a warm-up, perform 3 x AMAP pull-ups super-setted with 3 x AMAP decline push-ups.

Watch it here!