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SKFitLife Men's Training


All 12 Weeks Just

Looking for a training plan that will get you in and out of the gym in less than 45 minutes... building muscle... shedding body fat... ?

What's Included?

In just 3 days per week at 45 minutes per session, you will build muscle, gain functionanl strength for LIFE, and shed body fat. 

You will have access to the following training, tools, and coaching resources:

30-Day Meal Plan with Recipes

Nutrition doesn't have to be so complicated. With this meal plan, you will learn how to:

+ Eat while traveling.
+ Easily plan your meals.
+ EAT MORE and LOSE MORE weight/body fat.


Weekly High Intensity Interval Training

Online Coaching & Support

Effectively blast fat and get your cardio finished in about 20 minutes.

Monthly Weight Training

Access to member's only private Facebook group for accountability, coaching, and support.

What are you waiting for? Join us today!

Build muscle, shed body fat, and get on with your life.

Training Includes Exercise Videos

Health and fitness doesn't need to be so complicated. SKFitLife founder, Stephanie Keenan is a US Navy Nuclear Engineer turned Fitness Professional. SKFitLife Men also have the pleasure of working with Coach Steve. Read both of their full bios here: Steph and Steve

Let Steph and Steve break it down for you!

They know exactly what it feels like to juggle a demanding workload, long commute, and personal life on top of it all. Busy people don't have 2 hours a day to spend in the gym. Only the truly effective techniques are used in the SKFitLife programs.

Each exercise has a clickable video link. Forget how to do an exercise DURING your workout? Just click the link and the YouTube video will pop up!

Access all your training on the new SKFitLife App.

SKFitLife Philosophy

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