Muscle Alignment Reprogramming TherapyStop Chasing Skinny Episode #50

Memories in Muscles with Jared Gough

Jared Gough is a master healer, mentor, noise-maker and muscle whisperer.  He is an expert at helping others understand their pain—whether it be physical, mental, spiritual or emotional—and coaching them through breaking that cycle and taking their game to the next level.  Over his twelve years in the health and wellness industry, Jared has touched the lives of over 14,000 clients, leading him to develop a revolutionary new muscle therapy.  His therapy, Muscle Alignment Reprogramming Therapy, isolates areas of pain and actually re-trains those muscles to function with ease. 

Jared’s journey into healing began with an early fascination with the human body.  He has always loved sports, and his high school career culminated in an all-state nomination for his performance in soccer, football and basketball.  This fixation with anatomy, combined with a passion for sports, naturally led Jared to a college education in Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine.  During a break from his formal education, he decided to take a massage therapy class for fun and there discovered his true calling.  Jared loved this hands-on, wellness-focused approach to medicine—and he truly excels at it. 

Jared has an intuitive ability to help others create harmony in their bodies and personal lives.  His expertise encompasses a joining of Eastern and Western approaches to medicine.  Jared’s natural talent is enhanced by experience in physical therapy, sports medicine, massage therapy, body language, equine sports massage therapy, and essential oils.  His varied skillset gives him access to the tools his clients need to become the best version of themselves.

As a massage therapist, Jared works with athletes of all levels and abilities, including elite professional and Olympic competitors.  As a mentor and personal coach, Jared uses his knowledge of mastering the physical body to help others conquer any sphere—whether it be relationships, finances, confidence or careers. 

After hours, you will find Jared at home in St. George, Utah with Kathy, his sweetheart of thirteen years.  He adores his young family of three sons and a daughter.  Fatherhood has brought Jared great joy and inexpressible pain as he has experienced the loss of a son.  His personal journey of healing fuels his desire to help others conquer their pain.  He loves the stillness of the mountains, Brazilian culture, and his wife’s brownies.

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Episode Topics:

☀️ Muscle memory and brain memory.

☀️ Emotions and compensation.

☀️ It’s “knot” what you think: your body’s physical pain is the manifestation of an emotional start and problem.

☀️ How the brain tries to make sense of the body’s pain.

☀️ What the pain in your body is really telling you.


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