It’s not always as simple as training and nutrition.

Many people think my line of work is pretty cut and dry… someone wanting to improve their health or change their weight comes to me… I give them guidance on what to eat and how to exercise and voila muscle appears… fat falls off…

If you are eating well and exercising and still not seeing any results after 6-8 weeks, most likely there is more going that you need to investigate.

I regularly work with my clients on the mental toughness side of getting fit and staying fit and my clients have heard about my own personal experience with adrenal fatigue issues, but what about other environmental factors?

Coaches and trainers are first responders in a sense because often times people come to us to lose weight when the weight issue is just a symptom of underlying issues.

There are many questions people ask me that need to be taken up with their doctors, but sometimes it takes a reminder from me to seek out a doc and oftentimes people don’t realize how serious their concern really is.

I do my best to understand the overall picture of health so I can refer people to the appropriate professional whenever I see something that is beyond training and nutrition.

I have been learning more and more about MOLD and the devastating effects it can have on the human body.

“Weight gain is incredibly common… out of the blue… without any change in diet… 20-30 pounds” – just one of the facts about mold exposure.

I encourage everyone to get their homes tested for mold. It is a simple test and if you live in Charleston, I recommend Jim Belton from Rainbow International. If you don’t live in Charleston, I am sure Rainbow International in your area can do the testing as well.

Jim is a member of my networking group and I get to hear about his mold remediation projects on a weekly basis. I also learned that a tiny leak under your sink will most likely leave mold behind so just imagine if your roof has leaked, etc.

Please take the 2 minutes to watch this video and share it with your loved ones.

Something else I learned is that mold can live in your gut for years after you have removed yourself from the moldy environment. This is one of the things Dr. Gillespie has helped us with.

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