14138182_782055428638064_3488194761427567578_oStop Chasing Skinny Episode #45

It’s Called a Fitness Journey for a Reason with Kylie Larson

Kylie and I go all the way back to the early 90’s! Take a listen to hear how Kylie went from her traditional corporate beginnings into the world of fitness. She even gives advice on how to make the transition yourself if that’s what your goal is.

Kylie and I used to spend literally HOURS next to each other on the cardio machines at the gym. How times have changed… She has the most adorable little guy, Brooks, who keeps her on her toes. Who even has time for 3 hour workout sessions anyway?

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Blue Springs South Alumni

☀️ You and I used to spend literally HOURS together at the gym during high school. On any given day either one of us could be found on a stationary bike or treadmill logging mile after mile. What has changed since those days?

☀️ You’re a mom to an adorable little guy… I know a lot of moms wonder how long it will take them to get back their pre-pregnancy bodies. What advice do you have for them?

☀️ You and I have also shared the sport of figure competitions. What are your thoughts on what it really takes to do this sport?

☀️ What are some things you really like seeing in the fitness industry right now?

☀️ What are some things you think need to change in the fitness industry right now?

☀️ What are you personally working on right now?

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If you are looking for some hilarious fitness fun, check her out on her Facebook Page and at her website, https://kyliefityoga.com/