In honor of our 3 year anniversary at SKFitLife, I wanted to reshare this blog post originally created in 2012. Thank you for your love and support over the years.

Have you heard this phrase before?  Have you said it?

My daily text message today said, “Jealousy is a wasted emotion.” When we spend time counting other people’s blessings and not our own, that is time and energy wasted… get to work on making your own dreams come true.

I have had people tell me, “it must be nice to be able to be naturally thin and fit.” My answer? “Yeah, it must be, but then again I wouldn’t know.” I make many choices each and every day that lead to an end result.

When this photo was taken, I had been dieting for 5 months without much deviation from my plan. With the last 8 weeks of some pretty restrictive nutrition. I was training 6-7 days per week. I was hungry. I was tired. I was sore. My brain was fuzzy and my sleep was interrupted frequently due to lack of carbs. But it was all worth it… to have all of my hard work and effort lead to successfully achieving my goal.

In April, I “escaped” my cubicle, quit my full-time job as a defense contractor, and started living my dream… my passion. Last week, I moved to Costa Rica, a dream of mine since I was a little girl and a land that I discovered 10 years prior on a vacation. Just like preparing for a fitness competition, there have been many choices and sacrifices made…

It all started when my dad traveled to Costa Rica on fishing trips. He would bring back beautiful photos and that was the beginning of my love of Central America.

When I was in college, I minored in Spanish and was preparing to spend a semester abroad in… you guessed it… Costa Rica, but I ran out of money and ended up joining the Navy to pay for college. I was in so much debt and couldn’t see any other way out at the time. So, my dreams of living in Costa Rica were shelved.

2002 was my first vacation to Costa Rica. I did everything from surfing to ziplining in the jungle. I fell in love with this beautiful country and the wonderful people. Little did I know that I would have the opportunity to live here a few years later!

After getting out of the Navy in 2006, I started working as a defense contractor. This was my first experience working in a cubicle and I was frequenting the website, within the first 3 months.

I distinctly remember sitting through a co-worker’s 5 year anniversary celebration and saying that I would like them to put me out of my misery if I was still around to receive a 5 year award. You see, I knew within my first 6 months that this life wasn’t for me. I was bored. I was frustrated. I was angry. I was depressed. And so I started occupying my time by listening to audio books and finding satisfaction in fitness.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad and The Four Hour Work Week both opened my eyes to another way of life. These books not only sparked all kinds of ideas for designing the lifestyle of my dreams but confirmed that [twittee tweet=”there wasn’t anything wrong with me… that I wasn’t doomed to a life of depression and lack of enthusiasm #lifestyledesign #entrepreneur” content=”there wasn’t anything wrong with me… that I wasn’t doomed to a life of depression and lack of enthusiasm” balloon=”there wasn’t anything wrong with me… that I wasn’t doomed to a life of depression and lack of enthusiasm” position=”topMiddle” theme=”dark” id=”” ]. That I wasn’t the only one who thought this way. But it was THIS painful time that prompted a change.

That was back in 2006. Fast-forward to 2012… Of course there were many many MANY steps in between there (that I will be sharing), but it brings me back to my point of thinking, “it must be nice”. What most people are seeing in my journey through Costa Rica is the final, tanned, toned, stage-ready presentation that results in years of preparation. The “competition” phase of the journey.

Think you are not the jealous type? When you hear of great things happening to people, do you gain inspiration? Or do you think, “it must be nice”?

Which brings me to my next point. If you are wasting time complaining about how life isn’t fair, how you can’t do something, or “I’m the kind of person who (fill in the blank),” you are not getting any closer to reaching your dreams. It is a self-fulfilling prophecy… you will NEVER be what you say you will never be (fill in the blank… thin, successful, able to travel the world…).

Don’t limit yourself. There are plenty of people out there who are more than willing to project their own fears onto you. If you have a dream, a belief, a goal, hold onto it. Believe in it. Give it the positive attention it deserves.

We all have the same 24 hours in a day… we all have made choices in our lives that have lead us to where we are at this very moment. If you like where you are at, GREAT! You are in tune with your dreams, desires, and are living life on purpose.

If you are reading this and thinking, “this is great and all but I can’t live the life I want because…” STOP!!! You are wasting more energy making excuses and focusing on limits. Set your sights on what you REALLY want. If you REALLY want it, you will find a way… If you don’t? You will find an excuse. Now get to work on LIFE. You know… YOUR life. You only get one, so live it fully.