If you are a gym worker you may have encountered clients and visitors who want you to help them with sumo deadlift. But what is sumo deadlift? Sumo deadlift is simply an improvement of the conventional deadlift. Because it’s a bit technical, it might take you some time to learn. The normal deadlift is a bit straightforward since you only need to stand with your legs apart while keeping your back straight and then lean down. While this is not all about deadlift, it’s a rough idea. As compared to conventional deadlift, sumo deadlift cannot be muscled up. This kind of deadlift requires patience and the best set up. But how can you go about it?

By doing the conventional deadlift, you will focus on different parts of the body by standing in a specific way and raising the bar in a different way. However, since there is less stress exerted on the back, sumo deadlift is ideal for beginners. It’s normally used by those who are struggling to improve their strength or experts who just want to adjust their exercise routine. Before choosing sumo deadlift, you need to evaluate yourself to see what is suitable. It’s important to ask yourself why you want to do sumo deadlift. If you want to build strength then this is the best exercise for you.

While doing this, it’s not advisable to confuse your body with many exercises. Just choose the main idea and actualize it. With clear goals, you will make the best decisions. It’s also important to be flexible to do this stance. Remember, you need to lift up the bar without bending your knees. If you are careless, then sumo deadlift might not be ideal for you. This kind of workout requires slow, careful, and steady movements. If you are patient enough, you will reap a lot of benefits. For instance, you will perfect your posture, increase your flexibility, and gain a lot of strength. Here is how to sumo deadlift.

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How To Sumo Deadlift

Build Up

Before anything else you need to ensure that you can handle the weight. If you are a beginner, it’s advisable to do this so as to avoid injuring yourself. You should also know the most comfortable way to pick the bar. Whether you use a standard grip or alternating grip, you must use it properly. This skill is very important when it comes to sumo deadlift. Do not start the workout imagining that you will be good in one style more than the other. While this might be true, you should not avoid a particular style simply because of this. If you try out different methods, you can improve on the weaknesses.


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The posture you take while picking up the weight is why this workout is called sumo. Put your legs apart and make sure that your feet match up to the bar. However, if you spread your legs too wide, you will not only make it harder to pick the bar but you also risk locking your legs. Your toes should also be pointed out. This is because, if your toes are pointing inwards, it may be harder on your hips. Next, straighten your arms while bending your hips. Finally, using whichever method that suits you, hold the lift and begin to bring it up.

Lifting It Up

While doing this, breath well, lower your hips and make sure that your head is facing forward. This is necessary to distribute the weight to the back of your legs. Using your hips, extend your body and spread the floor with your feet. Once the bar touches your hips, lean back and move your hips to the bar. This will ensure that you are at the same height with the lift hence you can start to descent.

Moving Back to the Ground

Bend back gradually while using your hips until you return the bar to the floor. On the way down, it’s very important to ensure that the weight is balanced and steady. Once the bar is back to the ground, you are through with your first sumo deadlift. Your quadriceps and hips will appreciate the attention that you have given them. Unlike the conventional deadlift, during sumo deadlift, your leg muscles do not get enough attention. However, the hamstrings, glutes, and adductor muscles will get the same kind of workouts.

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Start It Over Again

You definitely want to do more than just one a deadlift hence it’s important to start over again. You just need to ensure that you return the bar back to the ground after every lift. If you do not do this, then you are not actually doing a sumo deadlift. By doing only one kind of exercise you may exert a lot of strain on your body and overdevelop your muscles hence you need to mix it up. If you are only doing this kind of exercise, you may want to add in some conventional lifts once in a while so as to balance your muscles.

Use The Best Multivitamin For Bodybuilding

If you are a bodybuilder or an athlete doing a sumo deadlift, then you need to use the best multivitamin for body building. For the body to realize its maximum potential, it must be supplied with adequate minerals and multivitamins. It’s obvious that as an athlete you cannot get enough of these from the diet. It’s, therefore, very important to get this multivitamin.


Deadlifting is one of the best ways increase your fitness and strength. With a variety of styles available, choosing a suitable one can be a bit challenging. However, as a beginner, the sumo deadlift is the best. Once you have mastered the practical knowledge, you will realize that it’s pretty straightforward. It’s not only suitable for most people, but it also has amazing benefits to reap. Since every person has his or her own preference, it’s very important to choose the one suit you. In short, you only need to build up, position well, lift the bar up, move it back to the ground and choose the best multivitamin for bodybuilding. Above all, you need to remember that patience and willingness is the key.

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