CrossFit is the name of a fitness brand that launched a workout program by the same name. It combines parts of different exercises and sports into one complete regime. Besides weight loss, it aims at strengthening of core area along with high-intensity conditioning. To analyze whether CrossFit workouts are a good choice for reaching weight loss goals, take a look at some of the prominent CrossFit centers.


CrossFit Oakland


The exercises are designed around muscle groups required for daily activities. Emphasis is laid on the day-to-day movement patterns that the human body is used to over ages now.


CrossFit Garden City


This is one of the CrossFit gyms set up on Long Island. Here the training is provided by professional coaches with an excellent track record. Physiotherapy is available at the gym in the case of any injury. The gym offers more than 70 classes per week.


CrossFit Industrious


This is a CrossFit Box was founded with aim of providing high-intensity workouts. This gym is for the serious fitness aficionados. As the name suggests focus is on endurance training. To use the gym lingo just working up a sweat is not enough here. At CrossFit Industrious you train hard.




How To Reach Weight Loss Goals With CrossFit


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Other CrossFit Gyms


CrossFit Ferrum, CrossFit Durango, CrossFit Union Square, CrossFit Pineville, CrossFit Somerville, CrossFit Milford, Wells Street CrossFit, White Mountain CrossFit and CrossFit Linchpin are some other chapters or CrossFit Boxes of this latest training and workout trend. There is even a website dedicated to placing all the chapters of CrossFit on the map. This makes it easy to find a CrossFit Box Near You.


Controversial Philosophy


This latest fitness trend is rife with controversies arising from the fact that it is too intensive. In addition, those basic old-school workouts are just as good if not better. In light of this, it is prudent to tabulate the pros and cons of this new fitness craze that is taking up the whole country by a storm.




● It is perfect for serious fitness aficionados. Due to its exhaustive nature, it is ideal for those who have tremendous levels of energy and are looking for ways to burn it.
● It is suitable for specific training objectives like core-building and endurance training.
● Athletes and other sports persons may find it useful to incorporate CrossFit into their training regime.




● It requires the commitment to endurance and consistency.
● Even in their taglines CrossFit boxes often use words like brutal, hard work, pain and the like. Thus explicitly indicating their workout ethic.
● Due to the above reason there higher chance of injury also. Crossfit injury rates are higher than other types of workout.
● It is not suited for those who go to gym classes for stress-relief and recreational fitness training.


The Question of Reaching Weight Loss Goals Through CrossFit Workouts


The rate of weight loss for any type of workout depends on the body type. Those with high levels of energy and endurance will find it useful for weight loss as their metabolism responds to heavy-duty training. People with low to normal levels of energy may find it less effective and tedious. For these, it may even hinder weight loss by going into fat-storing mode due to extreme stress.