Isagenix… How can I get some?

The deal on MLM… I have been using Isagenix since July 2010. I have done my research and tested the product for years. So what has held me back from openly sharing it? The MLM business structure… It can be the most amazing thing EVER or it can be confusing/challenging/downright sketchy. It really depends on the approach you take and I choose to take the relationship approach where I recognize and value people’s time. We only get so much time on this planet after all.

With that being said, please understand that WHO you choose to buy your products from MATTERS. Asking person A what they think about Isagenix, buying it from person B, and then coming back to person A to ask them for support on using the products isn’t really respecting person A’s time. 

If you have never experienced this business model before, take some time to understand how you can support those who are supporting you.

Additionally… sure, you can have someone order it FOR YOU under their membership but that isn’t advisable for a few reasons:

1.) You are cheating yourself out of an opportunity. If my friends would have just let me order products through them that first year when I was just a product user without having my own membership, I wouldn’t have had a team building under me because I wouldn’t have been in the system yet.

2.) YOU are in control of ordering at all times. You never have to wait on anyone to place an order for you.

3.) Passing your credit card number out isn’t really the safest thing to do and I personally try to minimize the number of people who have my cc#.

It’s only $29 to become a member with Isagenix. Totally worth it!

Come on… let’s work to get rid of the stigma MLM companies have. Thank goodness I had a great introduction to Isagenix otherwise there is a good chance I would have missed out on 3 amazing opportunities… #1 feeling incredible without micromanaging every little morsel that goes into my mouth #2 helping others live their healthiest lives and #3 building a business that allows for time and location freedom. There IS a better way.

If you would like to order from me, visit and email us with any questions you have at