I’ve been reserving posts and photos like this for my clients since the benefits of membership is coaching points and behind the scenes info, but after thinking about it I wanted to make this one public.
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how to get abs
There is a lot of confusion about abs and it kills me when I read/see/hear TRAINERS (not just your average Joe) say “do this exercise and it will whittle away your waist”. That’s not how it works!
So if that isn’t the way it works, how DOES it work?
This is what I shared with my clients:
“Nothing like some perfect lighting to show ab definition. I know we’ve talked about abs before, but there continues to be some mystery around how to get them to show.
Step 1: nutrition. nutrition. nutrition. If you ever see me gain or lose weight, it’s never about the training and always about the nutrition. Those little treats and cheats really do add up. Especially of the sugar variety.
Step 2: make sure your deep core muscles (the ones that get strong by doing planks) are solid. Doing weighted ab moves without having a really strong inner core will cause more problems than benefits.
Step 3: abs are just like any other muscle group and must be built up so they can be seen. Just like shoulders need to be built up and fat layer decreased over the top, the same goes for abs. This is done through weighted ab moves such as SB pikes/roll-ins, reverse crunches, and hanging knee raises. HIIT is also great for abs since sprinting and plyos require the use of the total body and aid in decreasing overall body fat.
Back to step #1.. If there is too much insulation on top of those abs, the foundation will never be seen. It’s all about the food.
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