A sexy bikini is not always easy to find, especially when you haven’t been paying the gym too many visits. But this doesn’t mean that searching for a sexy swimsuit is impossible, it will take a few tries and fails. To cut your losses short, shop prepared with the right styling tips to choose a bikini that flatters your figure.

The right sexy swimwear is out there waiting for you. And when you find it, make sure you get different colors and prints of the same model to have all occasions covered. No matter if you’re curvy or if you have an athletic figure, below you’ll discover everything there is to know to put an end to beach fears and sexy beachwear frustrations.

Confidence is the best sexy bikini

The beach is the perfect place to make a splash with your sexy bikini, not do a faux pas with an unfitted ensemble. To have fun and feel confident in your body, you have to stop hiding behind layers of clothes and feel free to promote what Mother Nature offered you.

Each body is unique and beautiful. Remember, “The Ugly Duckling” feeling is only in your head. Celebrate your beautiful Earthy vessel with sexy bathing suits fit to show your party animal personality.

Different sexy bikinis for unique shapes

If you’re pear-shaped, triangle or diamond shape, this means that your bottom part is curvier than the upper one. You most probably have love handles, curvy hips and some fatty tissue around the legs. You can definitely go for a crack black triangle bikini as this will flatter any figure. And rest assure the majority of women are part of this category.

Mariana Downing in Black Crack Triangle Top Bikini and Ruched Bak Tie Sides Bikini Bottom by Thalassa Boom Resort Wear


If you have more of an inverted triangle figure, this means that your upper body is bigger than your lower one. You might also be prone to having a big chest, so support is mandatory. You can try a green alligator halter bikini top since this style offers more support than the classic triangle bikini top.

Mariana Downing in Green Halter Alligator Bikini Top & Cheeky Bikini Bottom by Thalassa Boom Resort Wear


If you have an athletic figure or a rectangular shape, this means that you have a small chest and your waist isn’t sexy and feminine just yet. With a little help from a sexy one piece swimsuit, you’ll definitely turn heads in no time.

Kiana Cova in Snake Gold One Piece Swimsuit by Thalassa Boom Resort Wear


If you’re more round than curvy, then you’ll definitely want to keep everything tight and in shape. It’s important to invest in quality materials, sizes, and colors, so the sexy beachwear will hug your shapes. For your body’s sexiness, opt for a black one piece swimsuit with a sexy open back.

Andrea Pedroso in Black One Piece Swimsuit by Thalassa Boom Resort Wear

Last, but definitely not least, if you’re happy with your curves, you have that diva hourglass shape, the sexy swimwear world is at your disposition. You can try it all to find what makes you feel good and definitely go for bold colors. To begin with, go for a tiger gold bikini with a bandeau top.

Mariana Downing in Tiger Gold Bandeau Bikini Top & Cheeky Bikini Bottom by Thalassa Boom Resort Wear


It’s sexy high time to be too glam to give a damn!