Not long ago weight gain of pregnant women was a sign of delivering a healthy baby but scientifically there is no proof of the relationship of mother’s weight gain with the weight gain of the baby. The baby in the womb gets all the nutrients from the mother and whatever the mother eats but a developing body of a baby inside the womb does not require any excessive fats. Therefore the fats stored in mother’s body which causes a drastic weight gain may provide no nutrient value for the unborn child. That is why pregnant women must eat healthier and lead an active lifestyle to provide nutrients for baby and herself. This also allows her to control extra weight gain during the pregnancy and it will be easier to shred pregnancy weight after giving birth.

The weight during pregnancy is not totally controllable and doctors say gaining about 5 to 7 kg weight during entire pregnancy is quite normal. But, there are some methods by which pregnant women can keep their weight balance without affecting the health and weight of baby inside the womb.

Tips to control weight:

Some tips, which are mentioned below, can help women manage their weight during pregnancy. A healthy weight gain is easier to shred post-pregnancy but extra fats might take years to reduce down from the body. That is why managing weight, during pregnancy, will help you and your baby, have a healthier life.


Yoga is very beneficial for pregnant women but not every yoga exercise is suitable during pregnancy. You can ask a yoga expert what suitable exercises can be done throughout and in the specific trimester of pregnancy.

Benefits of Yoga:

  • Yoga helps in shredding extra calories and converts your fats into energy.
  • It helps in relaxing mind, managing stress, depression and fatigue which are common in pregnant women.
  • It helps in relaxing body and keeps you active throughout the day.
  • It also helps in positioning the baby in the womb and starting labor pain at the end of pregnancy.
  • The Yoga helps in keeping negative thoughts away which is good for baby and keeps your mood positive and happy.

Healthy eating:

Healthy eating must be the focus throughout the pregnancy and never underestimate the power of healthy eating, especially in pregnancy.

Benefits of Healthy Eating:

  • Healthy eating is key to control your weight, keep yourself and your baby healthy, providing all the nutrients to your baby as well as controlling the weight of the mother.
  • Try to eat small meals with fewer fats and more vitamin, protein, fiber, carbs, calcium, iron, zinc and minerals.
  • Design your meal full of fresh and green vegetables, fruits and juices to provide you energy for the entire day.
  • This will help you control your calories with more and more nutrients.
  • Healthy eating is very beneficial for the baby as well and improves growth and weight of baby inside.
  • Healthy eating improves the development of baby’s organs, bones, and brain.

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Control your cravings:

Every pregnant woman will face cravings where you want to eat anything again and again. Some crave for sweet and some for juicy meat but your entire cravings will end up piling extra pounds for you. The cravings might come and go but when these cravings are controlled it will help you manage your diet and calories.

Benefits of controlling cravings:

  • It helps you take in limited calories and control your diet.
  • Alternate healthy options when craving high fat or calorie food.
  • Avoid drinking soda, colas and carbonated drinks during pregnancy; it is very unhealthy for the baby.
  • Control and quite smoking habits and cravings.
  • Try to eat less or small portion when you are craving and get a chance to eat it.


The walk is beneficial throughout the pregnancy and helps you feel active and fresh. Do consult your doctor for your walk routine and set targets according to your period of pregnancy, the position of the baby and other details related to your pregnancy. The walk is not recommended by doctors in any sensitive pregnancy case, low placenta or premature birth chances.

Benefits of walking:

  • It helps in increasing chances of having a natural birth.
  • It helps in positioning your baby.
  • It makes pregnant women feel good.
  • It shreds extra calories and helps you manage your weight.
  • It helps in the development of healthier and stronger baby.
  • It triggers natural labor pain.


Swimming is one of the very refreshing methods to control your weight during pregnancy. This will not only allow you to lose a day to day weight gain but also release your calories easily. Although during pregnancy, public and overcrowded swimming pools must not be used to avoid any accidents but if you own a swimming pool or avail those timings when there are fewer crowds, go for it.

Benefits of swimming:

  • Swimming allows your entire body to work out smoothly and since pregnant women cannot do heavy workouts they can avail the opportunity of swimming and shredding built up calories.
  • Swimming relaxes mind and body both which is very good for women who are suffering from pregnancy stress, depression, and fatigue.
  • Swimming allows all the muscles of the body to warm up.
  • Swimming improves stamina of mother as well as her child.

Drink lots of water:

Water is considered to be one of the key factors which impact on the body of mother and child. This helps your body to function better and prevents it from dehydration. Water, juices and other fluids provide good energy and don’t cost you extra calories and weight gain.

Benefits of water:

  • It provides fluids which are good for the functioning of all the organs of mother and child.
  • It keeps the body of mother and child hydrated and active.
  • It flushes out all the toxins from the body.
  • It makes your stomach fuller and prevents you from over-eating.
  • It controls blood pressure of the body of the pregnant women and manages it.
  • It provides energy and keeps your skin glowing.
  • It helps in pumping blood better and improves metabolism.
  • It is very beneficial for the body of the baby as well.