Guided meditations for runningStop Chasing Skinny Episode #44

Guided Meditations for Running with Jack Thompson


Most of us have heard that meditation has very powerful benefits on our overall health and well-being, but if the idea of sitting in silence, attempting to empty your brain of all your thoughts sounds like torture, you won’t want to miss this episode.

Contrary to popular belief, meditation isn’t just sitting in silence with your legs crossed. Guided meditations have been created to help you with anything from sleep issues to anxiety. I had the pleasure of interviewing Jack Thompson, the mastermind behind Running Deep, Guided Meditation for Runners.

These 12 guided meditations focus on every aspect of running from gratitude for the ability to run to awareness of your running technique to performance and even a guided sleep meditation for after running.

Resources mentioned during show:

Miracle Morning

The Slight Edge

Chi Running

YouTube Search for Guided Meditations

Jack’s Guided Meditations for Runners

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