Looking for some words of wisdom…


So, the last month of my life has been super crammed and stressful but within the last week or so I am really starting to slip on my diet. I’ll do amazing one day and then completely lose control the next day, probably to “make up for a lack of sleep” but obviously, we all know I’m just gonna crash after crap food intake.

Give me some words of wisdom. If I go backwards I’ll die. I just want to figure out some good things I can put in place to make it through the next two weeks. Plus I am getting sick so I didn’t work out Thursday or Friday mornings. Missing two in a row is unheard of for me. Any good advice for when you’ve been overloaded with work/stress and have been slipping a little?

My Answer:

Hey there gorgeous!

Ummm… yes… you have been on the go like a wild woman over the past couple months and from an outside perspective, it is a great thing and also something to be a little cautious about. Your high level of energy and getting back into the swing of life is GREAT!

Having dealt with several bouts of depression and down times myself, I know all too well that feeling of the fog lifting and jumping into life fully is a great feeling… almost like waking up, right? Then there is the potential for burnout… and this is true of your diet and exercise as well.

You have had some VERY quick results and it is awesome but there is potential for your mind and body to start slipping up due to sheer exhaustion. The first step is to be patient with yourself… in such a heightened state (your energy is super high and you are running at a very fast pace), it is sometimes hard to slow things down in your head… which can lead to poor food choices… followed by quick and severe judgments against yourself… which leads to self-punishment by eating more/worse.

You said before that prep is the key… so from a logistical stand point, stay on top of prep. From the psychological side of things, [twittee tweet=”work to center yourself and quiet your mind BEFORE you eat #workout #fitnessmotivation #skfitlife” content=”work to center yourself and quiet your mind BEFORE you eat” balloon=”work to center yourself and quiet your mind BEFORE you eat” position=”topMiddle” theme=”dark” id=”” ]. I try not to eat when I am in a heightened state of anything… happy or sad… I try to calm myself and center myself before eating which can be challenging but really helps to keep from over doing it.

The Isagenix shakes really should help in providing your body with the nutrients it needs to restore/repair. Give them a solid month and let’s see how you feel… it is like day and night for me when I am using them and when I am not… I was SOOOOO skeptical in the beginning and kept experimenting “just to make sure” and they honestly make all the difference. They also help with cravings. They provide enough sugar to stop sugar cravings in their tracks.

Taking that time off is not a bad thing at all and especially since you are trying to build more muscle. Sleep is the key and if we don’t sleep enough, our bodies (and minds) fight back and we get sick and are FORCED to sleep. How are you feeling today???


That was great advice. Thank you. I like your suggestion of quieting my mind before eating. I’ve done better the last two days. I’m very sick, unfortunately, but I still went to the gym yesterday. It’s honestly amazing to me things that aren’t physically difficult anymore. Like when I first tried to do those pike up things on the stability ball. There was just no way. But now I can crank them out. Anything leg, back and ab related it just so so much stronger.

I love it. I love feeling strong. I’m gonna be ok on my diet. I recognize my slip ups and what was likely creating them. I’m never going back. So, onward and upward. I’m hitting the gym at 4:45 tomorrow. I’m sick but working out generally makes me feel better than worse. Thanks for being such an amazing trainer. Forever grateful.

My Answer:

My pleasure! You are so easy to coach and I know you doubt yourself from time to time (we all do), you are already well on your way and doing fantastic.

Whoa… that is AWESOME!!! GOOD FOR YOU!!! I love how focused you are on the non-scale victories! When we focus on just about anything BUT weight/fat, the weight/fat takes care of itself. Glad you see where/why so you can make some different plans/use different strategies. I hope you get feeling better soon!

I know what you mean about working out even when you don’t feel well makes you feel well. Just listen to your body. Happy to help! I love that you ask me these questions. THIS is why you are so successful. You are not just looking for some quick fix.