SKFitLife Challenge

Q: Do I have to sign up for the monthly membership after the challenge has ended?

No, you are not required to continue on with the Monthly Membership. We automatically set it up to keep you on the Monthly Membership for convenience. We have found most people prefer to continue receiving professionally programmed monthly training as well as continue on with the online coaching and community support.

We even give a discounted Monthly Membership rate of $54/month for clients who continue with us versus opting in later once they realize how much they missed not having to think about what they would be doing for their workout each week.

Don’t want to automatically opt in? You have several opportunities to opt out. Email us at any point to say you don’t want automatic enrollment challenge@skfitlife.com.


Q: Is your program for someone who would like to compete in a physique competition?

No, this program is not going to prepare you for a physique competition. Competition preparation is a very specialized training program and rigorous nutrition program. While I have infused all programs with my previous competition coaching experience to give you the best lifestyle program to get you LOOKING as fit as you are, this is still a lifestyle program.

Fitness competitions are just that, a competition. A sport. And for too many, it is an all-consuming sport. We encourage being your best at life in SKFitLife, not being the best on the stage at one single point in time.

If you are interested in competition prep, please check out this podcast interview I did with friend, and competition coach, Janelle: http://www.skfitlife.com/stop-chasing-skinny-episode-5-what-it-really-takes-to-train-for-a-fitness-competition-with-wbff-pro-and-competitive-fitness-coach-janelle-nicolo/

Q: Where will the training sessions be held?

All SKFitLife Challenge Training is virtual so we don’t have a physical meet-up location. This is what makes the SKFitLife Challenge so flexible for busy people! Road warriors get their workouts done in hotel gyms, moms get their workouts in between naps, men and women take their SKFitLife Challenge training to their local gyms, local parks, and back decks.

This is also what keeps the cost low and value high. For the price of an average Starbucks drink on the daily, you get 12 weeks of weight training, high intensity interval training, meal guide, tons of valuable weekly support information, and online coaching and support.

Q: Can I continue to do my current cardio workouts (Jazzercise, Zumba, Spinning, etc.) while on this program?

Absolutely!!! We encourage you to do such classes on your recommended “Steady Cardio” day. More isn’t better, and I can’t think of better examples of this than these two stories:

Megan’s Transformation

Lesley’s Transformation

Q: What if I already have a training/nutrition program I am happy with but I would still like to take advantage of the support and motivation?

We actually have clients who still prefer to meet in person with a trainer (and have the financial means), but find the 24/7 access to the supportive group worth the $2.50/day. Then they continue on to the monthly membership where the daily cost is $1.80.

Q: What if I don’t want to lose weight? I just want to tone up and look fit.

You can do this!!! It sounds like you already have the nutritional piece at least somewhat figured out since you are at your ideal weight. You will benefit from the training in a really big way. No cutting or restricting for you. Just changing up your training will get you to that fit and toned look you are striving for.

Q: Will videos be available for exercise explanation?

Yes! Every exercise has an associated video. If you are anything like me, you don’t really have the time or patience for watching a 5 minute explanation, so these are short, sweet, and to the point. Check out this example!

YouTube Preview Image

Q: How long will the workouts take me?

Each weight training session is 35-42 minutes and can be done ANYWHERE with minimal equipment. This is recommended 3 days per week. We have an advanced 4-day option for the hard chargers!

Weekly high intensity interval training is 4-24 minutes and recommended 2 times per week.

We also recommend one session of 40 minutes of steady cardio each week too.

You can double up to knock out your training in just 3 days per week or spread it out to do a little each day.

Q: What if I want to do more cardio?

While you can certainly do more cardio, I will refer back to these stories of less is more:

Megan’s Transformation

Lesley’s Transformation

Q: Ok so I registered! I am looking forward to shedding the pounds! So, basically what happens now? Do I receive anything not sure what the next step is?

You are ready to rock!!

Double check that you have registered on the website (you will receive a confirmation email with your username and password).

Make sure we are “friends” on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/stephanie.fitlife?fref=ts if you are into Facebook. It is not required!

Make sure you have accepted our request to send you information in your email. You will have this email waiting for you as well.

Log into the website and check the member’s area for your training and watch for the weekly emails.

Let us know if you have ANY other questions challenge@skfitlife.com

Q: What if I don’t like to eat salads?

Salads are most definitely not a requirement. You will find the meal guide has plenty of recommendations for other ways to get your greens and veggies in!

Q: What if I am a vegetarian?

Awesome! Just replace the meat-based protein options with your favorite vegetarian protein options. As a former vegetarian (for 10 years), I give a word of caution on some of those meat substitutes… many of them are highly processed so make sure you read labels and know what you are consuming.