Exciting News for SKFitLife

Florida Gators Student

As of the writing of this blog post, I’m officially a Gator! I was accepted into the University of Florida’s Masters of Science in Entrepreneurship Program starting the fall of 2015.

I had incredible support when I announced my new adventure quickly followed by the question, “how are you going to fit grad school into your schedule!?”

I thought this would be a good time to give a brief overview of what I have going on and catch some people up on the news.

To answer the question about how I am going to fit grad school into my current schedule, I will start by saying I had some one-on-one coaching clients leave over the summer and didn’t seek to refill those spots.

I’ve spent the past couple months working with Meemür Media Group to help with well, media. This includes social media,  blog posts, and all things marketing for SKFitLife and TheAthElite. This frees up some of my time so I can focus on school.

Coaching and Training


As far as what my current and future clients will experience, everything will be the same as it has always been except for maybe more consistent blogging and social media since I just provide the info, not the implementation.

The 12 Week SKFitLife Online Fitness Challenge can be started at any time since the information has been automated and comes to you on a weekly basis.

The Monthly SKFitGurls Membership is still happening each and every month for those members continuing on after the completion of the 12 Week SKFitLife Online Fitness Challenge.

We have our Men’s 12 Week Online Fitness Challenge and Monthly Membership rocking.

Customized and Premium Coaching Packages will be even more limited than they have been in the past. Please email challenge@skfitlife.com to check availability prior to completing the application.

We also offer a training-only, no coaching option and additional training products such as 12-Week Fitness Model Abs, 31-Day Vision Board Planning Tool Kit, 52-Weeks of HIIT, and others, can now be downloaded from our online store.

We have an Affiliate Program for those of you who would like to earn a commission on the SKFitLife electronic products and services your friends, family, readers, and audience purchase through your unique link.

The Free 10-Day SKFitLife Jump Start Program is still free and is fully automated. Once you sign up, you will receive daily video lessons via email.

We have a team to help us with all administrative actions. The best email to reach us is challenge@skfitlife.com.

Other than me learning how to make SKF run smoother/better, clients won’t see any changes.


My secret weapon to photo shoot ready abs.

Yes, I still love and recommend Isagenix as a nutritional tool for living a fit life and yes, our team is still growing. Nothing will change with this part of SKF. Same great products and same great customer support and private Facebook group support.

PS… THIS is one of the main ingredients in my FitLife Formula. I swear by 2 IsaLean shakes per day to keep my weight the most stable it has been in my whole life and my cravings at bay.

Charleston’s Oblique Magazine and Oblique FitGurls

Charleston Fitness Stephanie Keenan Oblique MagazineYou will find my articles in Oblique Magazine and local ladies can meet up with the Oblique FitGurls.

Stop Chasing Skinny PodcastStop Chasing Skinny 1_Wakezine

I also have an intern starting with me to take care of the Stop Chasing Skinny Podcast so again, I provide the content and they take care of the mechanics. Like what my assistant Heather has been doing for everything billing or technical for SKFitLife but different area of SKF.

Communications and Staying Connected

Did you download the SKFitLife App yet?

SKFitLife AppIMG_1432

The SKFitLife App includes fun features like:

  • Free Monthly HIIT Routine in the palm of your hand
  • An opportunity for you to tell us, “hey that should be on a shirt”
  • Show us your “gym” LivePhoto Album
  • Join the Free SKFitLife 10 Day Jump Start Program and more!

Social Media Fun

You can find SKFitLife on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google Plus, and Periscope. Meemür Media Group has us set up and rocking and rolling on all channels and on our email list. Weekly emails including new articles, recipes, and free workouts.

Oh and if you are a fan of Twitter and of SKFitLife, you can even download “Fitness-Inspired Quotes” from TweetJukebox.com to share with your followers.

Guest Post Submissions

Speaking of Social Media… We’ve upgraded our technology to include a SUPER simple Guest Post Submission form. If you would like to submit a guest post, see what we have available here!

Please note I have messages coming in from over 20 different sources and I don’t want to miss you.

Please email all inquiries to challenge@skfitlife.com where I have help in getting your questions answered. These 20+ sources include messaging systems on social media such as Facebook messenger and my personal email addresses if you have used those in the past. Your messages and questions are very important to us and we want to make sure they are answered.

These are exciting times and we are so happy to have you along for the journey!

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