Costa Rica TravelStop Chasing Skinny Episode #28

Everything You Need to Know From Touring to Relocating in Costa Rica

I spent the second half of 2012 living abroad as an expat in the beautiful country of Costa Rica. Since that time, I have been asked about traveling to and living in Costa Rica on a weekly basis. I decided to answer ALLLLLL of the questions I’ve been asked with the help of my trusty Costa Rican partner-in-adventure, Zoilhy Soto (pronounced soily).

Take a listen to what it was like to live in Costa Rica… the serendipity of how Zoilhy and I met… and all about the 4 months of adventures we had together!

We get into Zoilhy’s extensive and specialized background in the touring industry. All 21+ years of them.

Zoilhy talks about her training, education, and experience working with a wide variety of clients including SCS28specializing in German tourism through all of Central America.

Zoilhy is fluent in Spanish, English, German, and Italian… even for all of those long scientific terms she knows all about.

We split this show into 2 types of questions I get…

1.) “I have always wanted to go to Costa Rica but don’t know where to begin.”

2.) “Hey Steph, I’m going to Costa Rica for a wedding/family vacation/something else that has pre-determined the location and time being spent there, and I wanted to see if there are any MUST SEE/DO places/things.”


Some other frequently asked questions:

☀️ “I just looked at the weather and it says it is going to rain every day. Should I be worried about that?
☀️ “Do I need to speak Spanish?”
☀️ What to look for in a tour guide. Not all tour guides are created equal!
☀️ As a naturalist tour guide, what is most important to you?
☀️ Where should I visit in Costa Rica?
☀️ Where should I stay in Costa Rica?
☀️ Where should I live in Costa Rica?
☀️ What should I do in Costa Rica?
☀️ How to budget for a vacation in Costa Rica.
☀️ How much does it cost to travel to Costa Rica?
☀️ How much does it cost to live in Costa Rica?
☀️ Should I visit in the wet season?
☀️ What is the best time to visit Costa Rica?
☀️ Is there Wi-Fi in Costa Rica? What is the best way to communicate?
☀️ How planning a lay-on-the-beach-only vacation is a waste of time.
☀️ Is it dangerous? What do I need to watch out for?
☀️ Customs such as tipping… how does that work? Who should be tipped and how much?
☀️ I also give my personal opinion about the high season and how much I love visiting in the rainy season when everything is green and the flowers are blooming and there aren’t as many people.
☀️ We even cover things like expensive gas prices in CR. How expensive vehicles are compared to the US, etc.
☀️ Find more information from Zoilhy Soto here:
Facebook: Costa Rica Exclusive Travel
Instagram: @CostaRica_ExclusiveTravel

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