Stop Chasing Skinny Episode #60

Dog Training for Healthy, Happy Dogs with Randy Davis

It is no surprise that dogs are one of my favorite topics and anytime I can incorporate them into living a fit life and interview an expert, you know I’m going to do it. Randy Davis and I met through the volunteer work I do with It’s the Pits, a bully breed focused rescue here in San Diego. Randy shares with us the difference between having a dog who is obedient and a dog who is happy, emotionally healthy, and obedient.

Episode Topics:

☀️ How can we potentially be unintentionally ruining our dog?

☀️ Which dog behaviors do we need to watch out for?

☀️ Consistency in training – the difference between sit/stay and emotional issues.

☀️  Can you overexercise your dog?

☀️  How does the proper behavior in dogs affect their health?

☀️  What is the best way to socialize your dog?

☀️  How can we find more information about you and your training services?