Stop Chasing Skinny Episode #61

Dinner Rush Cookbook with April Reigart

April is a long time friend and holistic nutritionist extraordinaire. She launched her own cookbook where she has brought together all of her nutritious, delicious, and easy recipes. I can’t say enough great things about April’s recipes. I’ve been fortunate enough to have been trying them for years. This interview is way more than just some talk about a cookbook. I think you will walk away with a new perspective on why knowing how to cook is important.

Episode Topics:

☀️  What makes the Dinner Rush Cookbook stand out?

☀️  What inspired this cookbook?

☀️  Recipes you can cook with your kids.

☀️  Simple ingredients, inexpensive organic cooking, and quick recipes.

☀️  Learn how to cook.

☀️  Why it’s important to cook for yourself.

☀️  How can we find more information about you and your cookbook?